Add the perfect finishing touches to your sweet treats with our fabulous range of decorating supplies, tools and equipment at Spotlight. Make sure that your decorations are always delicious with icing tools, sugar crafts and more. We carry a comprehensive range for all your cake decorating needs. Order online through our safe and secure website or call in store, and get baking!

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Can I purchase decorating from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Enjoy the beauty of decorating and creatively express yourself on your baked delights. Find everything that you need to make sure that your bakes look as good as they taste, with piping tips, decorating tools, equipment and more. With such a massive array of professional decorating tips and accessories available, plus bargains galore across the entire range, make Spotlight your number one shopping destination for all your baking needs.

What is included in this range?

This range includes our cake decorating tools, equipment, utensils and more, with everything that you need to create your beautiful baked delights. Whether you are making a celebration cake for a loved one's birthday, decorating a wedding cake for someone's big day, or just baking biscuits with the kids, we are confident that you will discover all that you need amongst this comprehensive collection. With pens and paints, sprinkles and glitter, alongside so much more, browse our fabulous decorating range today for baked inspiration.

How can I use piping tips to decorate my cake?

This range features our vast selection of piping tips and bags, with an assortment of shapes and styles to choose from. Piping can be tricky, but practice makes perfect, and we have everything that you need to ensure that you are a pro in no time at all. From beautiful flowers and petals to tiny tips for intricate details, you are bound to discover the decorating tip that will create the finish you are looking for.

The tip that you choose will depend on the overall finish that you are hoping to achieve. However, they are affordable, and we have sets available that feature multiple different types, so stock up and be prepared for the next time inspiration strikes. Practise piping on a piece of paper before you add your design to your cake. This will help you to figure out how much pressure you will need without potentially ruining your design.

Drop the nozzle into your piping bag first and foremost, before filling with your icing. It is recommended that you fill the bag approximately two thirds full before you twist the bag and hold the end with your writing hand. Gently apply pressure to the top of the bag to eliminate any air bubbles. Move slowly when you are piping, take your time and remember that practice makes perfect!

What are your top cake decorating tips?

Decorating a cake can undoubtedly be a challenge, but there are a few things that you can do to make the job slightly easier. Whether you are a beginner baker or a seasoned pro, create a sketch of the finished design that you would like to achieve and think about how you are going to make each of the various elements.

Always make sure that your cake is fully cooled before you add any decorations. If you have time, we recommend leaving it overnight to ensure that it is the right temperature. To get the perfect finish on your fab frosting, use a turntable and a scraper. Just move the cake around slowly and work your scraper with a 45-degree angle to achieve that smooth, professional finish. Always work slowly, and remember that it takes time to create that professional finish. If you are struggling, there is a wealth of inspiration and helpful advice available online, or check out cake decorating classes in your area.

How should I wash my cake decorating equipment?

We would first like to advise customers to always the manufacturers individual care instructions prior to cleaning. Always wash your cake decorating tools in warm soapy water immediately after each use. If you are using a smaller item such as a piping tip, and struggling to get it clean, leave it to soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Rinse properly and ensure that they are dried thoroughly before storage. Most of these items are not dishwasher safe, and you should always avoid the use of any harsh chemicals, including chlorine and bleach.



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