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Serving Tools And Utensils You Never Even Heard Of!

When it comes to serving your masterpieces to your friends, family, and dinner guests, you could always use a nice selection of serving tools and utensils. While most people have a basic understanding of the options available to them, there are actually some serving tools and utensils that might sound very unusual to you. To ensure you can add some more advanced and unusual tools and utensils to your collection, we have provided an overview of some you might not know yet!

What Is An Asparagus Server?

Even though the name already indicates its purpose, not many people have an asparagus server in their home. The asparagus server is often used in restaurants do, as it could make serving and dishing up asparagus a whole lot easier.

You will find asparagus servers in various designs. Some resemble a large fork with five tines, while others simply resemble a pair of tongs. However, all of them will have a rolled-up hood, this prevents the asparagus from falling down.

What Is A Berry Spoon?

Yes, there is such a thing as a dedicated berry spoon. However, its name can be a little deceiving, because it is not solely used to serve berries. The berry spoon can be used to serve all types of fruits, so you can put a spoon like this in any fruit bowl you will serve to your dinner guests.

Berry spoons can come in various shapes, this includes shell and round shapes. You will also find these spoons with ergonomic and textured handles, which can improve your grip on this type of server.

What Is A Bonbon Spoon?

There are many different utensils and servers for desserts and snacks these days, this includes the bonbon server. A bonbon server has a rather unusual rectangular shape but is still classified as a spoon.

Like the berry spoon we mentioned earlier, the bonbon spoon can be used to serve a variety of things. The bonbon spoons can be used for snacks such as nuts and confectionery, which means they are extremely popular for candy buffets. You could also use them to serve some snacks at movie night, as they will ensure your candy bowls stay more hygienic. Just make sure there are some individual candy plates or candy baggies your guests can put their confectionery onto or into.

What Is A Butter Knife?

Out of our entire list, most people are actually familiar with the butter knife. As the name suggests, this serving tool is specifically designed to cut and slice butter. You will often find them at restaurants when bread and butter is served at the start of your meal.

Contrary to popular belief, butter knives are not particularly sharp. They have a rather rectangular shape and their blade is dull. However, it does have a pointed tip which allows easier cutting, but also accommodates the transfer of smaller blocks of butter to your plate or bread.

What Is A Carving Knife?

Carving knives are also widely known, but not everyone has one at their house. That being said, if you organise regular dinner parties, then we are pretty sure you have a good carving knife already.

The large majority of carving knives is solely used for the cutting of meat such as turkey, gammon, steak, and roast beef joints. You will find these carving knives in a variety of shapes and their handles can be considerably different from one another. If you are purchasing a carving knife, always make sure that its handle design is comfortable to you. If you have to cut up a large turkey or roasting joint, an uncomfortable handle could slow the entire process down considerably.

Buying Serving Tools And Utensils At Spotlight

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