The Benefits Of Wooden Toys And Crafting Supplies

Wooden toys and crafting supplies have been around for centuries for a reason. Even in this digital age, many parents still prefer a nice selection of wooden toys for their little ones. But what are the benefits of wooden toys and woodcraft for children overall?

How Do Wooden Toys Contribute To A Child's Development?

Over the years, studies have shown that wooden toys and woodcraft for children can have numerous developmental benefits for children. In fact, the benefits as so widespread, it is no surprise that you will often encounter these types of toys at dentists and the paediatrician's office.

One of the benefits associated with wooden toys and crafting supplies is the contribution they make to the sensory development of children. Wooden toys have much to offer in terms of shape, volume and even their overall weight. When playing with these toys, the connections inside the child's brain are formed, which in turn contribute to their memory abilities.

Wooden toys have also proven to be beneficial for language development. Wooden toys and shapes in various colours and shapes will contribute to a child's imagination and provide them with new ideas. In addition to that, they try to vocalise those ideas when paired with another child to play.

Children can also develop their fine motor skills through wooden toys. Playing with wooden toys has shown to improve hand-eye coordination, but they are also an excellent exercise for a child's nervous system. Long-term, it can mean that children will be more effective at problem-solving.

How Do Wooden Toys Contribute To A Child's Emotional Wellbeing?

Wooden toys tend to be soothing for children, so incorporating these toys into your child's collection could actually reduce their overall anxiety. Naturally, this could be beneficial for children with conditions where anxiety could be an issue, including autism.

Involving others in playtime with wooden toys could also help children to work with others and to share their toys. Playtime such as this promotes feeling of empathy and teaches children how to build new relationships. So, wooden toys can certainly contribute to a child's social skills later in life.

As mentioned briefly in the development section above, wooden toys have an influence on a child's nervous system. This is important for cognitive growth too, as the newly built connections in the brain will create new pathways. While this has a benefit for developmental skills such as problem-solving, it also proves to have benefits for general reasoning and logical thinking in social environments.

Are Wooden Toys Safe?

Wooden toys are deemed safe for the large majority of children. Larger wooden toys are good for young children, as young children tend to put toys in their mouth. Of course, smaller wooden toys are not recommended for young children, but they are perfectly safe for children over the age of five.

In addition to not being a choke hazard for young children, many parents prefer wooden toys because they do not contain some of the toxic substances you can encounter with plastics and metals. Wood requires very little interference by the manufacturer before it is made into a toy. Wood also has antibacterial properties naturally, which is good to know when you consider young children are more susceptible to all kinds of bacteria.

Most wooden toys are incredibly durable as well. While plastic toys being sold are safe too, they are less durable compared to their wooden counterparts. In fact, wooden toys are so durable, they are often passed down from generation to generation. So, a wooden toy purchased today could be turned in to a valuable heirloom.

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