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Soft, colourful and endlessly versatile, pom poms can provide your kids with hours of fun during school holidays, on a rainy day or when you have to organise a kids party! Here at Spotlight, we stock a huge range of pompoms in different colours and sizes, ideal for craft projects. Add glue, glitter, chenille sticks and some coloured paper and let their imagination run wild as they think of things they can make with these pom poms. Older kids will enjoy making them into jewellery, key ring holders and much more. Check out the many different pompoms in our range today!

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Fun Projects To Do With Pom poms

One of the crafting accessories available at Spotlight are pom poms. We provide pom poms in a variety of colours, materials, and sizes. But which projects can your child do with pom poms? If you are looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out some of our suggested crafting projects with pom poms below.

How To Make A Pom pom Sheep?

This fun little project can be a fun activity for both parent and child. It does require a little detailed work, but much of the project can be done by your child alone.

For the pom pom sheep, you will need a selection of white pom poms (or any other colour you want the sheep's wool to be), some black chenille sticks, a sheet of black craft foam, some glue dots, googly eyes and some scissors.

First, grab the black foam sheet and trace the shape of a sheep's head. This does not have to be three-dimensional, simply line out the front of a sheep's face. If you aren't sure about the shape, you can easily find some simple templates online. Then, cut out the face with some scissors.

Next, grab a pom pom and four black chenille sticks. Cut the chenille sticks to the appropriate size, as they will be used to create the legs of the sheep. Gently push the chenille sticks inside the pom pom. Once it is properly attached, bend the end of the leg to give it a more leg-like appearance.

Finally, add two glue dots on the googly eyes and place them on the cut-out foam shape. Then, grab some more glue dots for the back of the foam shape and stick it to the pom pom. You now have your first foam sheep!

Please note that you can make a couple of these and even create and entire farm of pom pom animals. It is a project that you could do for several weeks without getting bored.

How To Make Decorative Ice Cream Cones?

If your child is a big ice cream lover and would like some ice cream decorations for their bedroom, this might be the project for you. To make this particular project you will need some burlap, brown construction paper, a marker pen, scissors, cellophane bags, your child's favourite pom poms in a variety of colours, and glue.

Start by cutting some of the brown construction paper into triangles. If you want your child to cut the shape, make sure you trace it on the paper with some pencil first. Then, cut a triangle that is slightly bigger than the construction paper triangle from the burlap.

Next, grab the glue stick and glue the burlap onto the construction paper triangle. Please take note of the drying time of your glue and leave the piece to dry as recommended. Once dry, roll the triangle to form a cone (thin tip at the bottom and open on the top).

Now that you have the cone, it is time to decorate with some coloured pom poms. Simply add the pom pom in the opening to create the ice cream. You can fasten the pom poms on the inside by using some hot glue, although this is best done by an adult. Once they are done, you can easily attach them to the wall in your child's bedroom as a decoration.

The pom pom ice cream cones also make great party favours! If you're child's birthday party is coming up and you want to give some fun mementos, place one of the cones in a cellophane bag and personalise it with a tag that has the recipient's name. You will not find more original party favours than this.

Discover Our Outstanding Selection Of Pom poms!

Spotlight has one of the most extensive selections of pom poms in New Zealand. We do not only provide basic coloured pom poms - we also have glitter options. We also have some amazing rainbow pom poms that your child will love.

Since we have pom poms in all shapes, sizes, colours, designs, and materials, we have no doubt you will find the pom poms you need for your project. Be sure to check out our other kids crafting supplies as well, since we can provide basics such as glue, scissors, construction paper, and much more for very affordable prices.



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