Kids Felt Sheets

Felt has been around for years, and is adored by each new generation. Here at Spotlight, we know that felt is an ideal craft material for kids of all ages as it is soft, easy to cut and the only limit is their imagination. From finger puppets to decorative hairbands, birthday cards to Christmas decorations, they can all be made from felt. We stock sheets of felt, felt on the roll, bags with pre-cut felt shapes, numbers and letters in a huge range of colours and sizes, so you can find the right type of felt here no matter what you want to create.

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Your Guide To Working With Felt

If you have a felt project in mind for your kids, it is a good idea to get familiar with the material yourself. Evidently, felt is a little different than other crafting materials, so it can react differently to manipulation. To ensure you know everything about working with felt, be sure to read the info below.

Which Type Of Felt Is Easiest To Work With?

Most children's projects will use acrylic felt. The benefit of this kind of felt is its affordability. For children's projects, you do not want to use the highest quality felt, as this can be pricey and leaves less room for error. Fortunately, the acrylic felt provides a good alternative.

For adults, we usually recommend a good quality wool felt. Even though it is a little more expensive than the acrylic variant, wool tends to be more durable long-term. So, if you are making a purse or another project that requires more durability, wool felt is the recommended option.

What Is The Best Way To Mark Felt?

Certain projects will require you to mark felt, this especially applies to projects that have intricate designs that need to be traced. Evidently, the tracing process should be executed by an adult, especially if it involves cutting the felt with a craft knife or some specialist scissors.

If you have never marked anything on felt, you may struggle with your first attempt. Considering the nature of the material, marking on felt can easily lift the fibres up and make it look messy. Fortunately, there are dedicated felt markers that enable you to avoid this problem. So, if you do need to trace something for this particular project, be sure to check out our felt markers too.

Another way to cut out designs more effectively without having to use a market is by using so-called freezer paper. Simply press the felt against the paper and cut the design by following the lines on the paper. This way, you do not have to trace the design on the felt and save yourself a lot of hassle.

Which Glue Will Work With Felt?

Lots of children's projects that involve felt will involve gluing as well. As you will find out quickly, not all glues are compatible with felt materials. So, here are some of the options you can consider for your future felt projects.

  • Tacky glue: Most crafters usually have some of this glue in their collection already and fortunately it is very compatible with felt too. While there is not much difference with regular glue, you will find that tacky glue is a little thicker in consistence.
    We must mention that tacky glue is a relatively safe glue for children. So, if you want to involve your child in the gluing process, be sure to choose this type of glue over the others. However, if you intend on doing the gluing alone, you could use one of the two other options mentioned in this overview.
  • Hot glue: Experienced crafters prefer hot glue for almost anything. From making floral arches to hat making, hot glue has so many applications it is difficult to keep track. As you might have expected, this kind of glue is also suitable for felt. However, it is not kid-friendly due to the heating element and should always be done by adults.
  • Fabric glue: The final option we recommend for felt is fabric glue. Fabric glue is less likely to lift the fabric fibres and it has a fast-drying property. However, it is important not to use too much of this glue in one area, because it is thin enough to soak through the felt and make it feel hard once it dries.

Grabbing Felt And Related Crafting Materials At Spotlight

Spotlight provides felt sheets for kids as well as adults. You can also find additional crafting supplies mentioned in this overview, this includes the glue, freezer paper and other useful accessories that can make working with felt a lot easier.

Once you have checked our felt section, be sure to have a look at the other crafting supplies in our catalogue too. From painting supplies to knitting and sewing, Spotlight covers it all.



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