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Let you kids create an endless supply of craft projects with these wonderfully colourful feather from Spotlight! Little ones will enjoy gluing them to paper, while older kids can combine them with glitter, beads and chenille sticks to create a variety of objects. Here at Spotlight, you will find all sizes and types of feather from small multi-coloured craft feathers to gloriously large ostrich feathers, for a huge range of applications. Can be added to hairbands, jewellery, earrings, masks and whatever else you can imagine. Check out our whole range of kids craft items today!

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Get Your Kids Into Feather Craft!

The different kinds of crafts have become more elaborate and unique. One of the more unique and creative crafts these days is feather craft, which is basically a general term for using feathers in crafting projects. Naturally, this craft has lots of benefits. If you want to know why you should get your kids into feather craft, be sure to keep reading!

What Are The Benefits Of Feather Crafts?

Certain crafts can require a serious investment, but this is not the case for feather crafts. Feathers can be purchased in multi-packs and they are usually implemented on simple things such as paper and cardboard. If you want to get your children into an affordable craft, then this should be your first choice.

Of course, feathers are also quite sensory in nature. They hardly weigh anything and feel incredibly soft, so children love to work with them. In fact, they don't even have to craft with them, as throwing them around can be great too.

When you work with feathers, you will find that you can often combine them with recycled household items. They can be glued on old paper and cardboard, and even old toilet rolls will give you a good medium for feathers. If you need some inspiration in terms of projects, we already listed some for you below.

What Are Some Feather Craft Projects?

If you don't really know how to start your kids on feather craft, we have picked out some amazing crafting projects for you. Each of these projects contains affordable and easily obtainable crafting supplies, so be sure to pick some out and have fun!

Pinecone Birds

Pinecones are often used as decorations inside the home, but they could prove useful to make some colourful birds too. To make this project, you will need some googly eyes, pinecones, colourful feathers, school glue, and some coloured construction paper.

Place the pinecones in an upright position. Then, add some glue to the top of the feathers and place them to form wings on the side of the pinecone. Next, add some glue to the googly eyes and put them on the front of the pinecone, between the wings. Finally, cut a triangle from the construction paper and glue it with the point down underneath the eyes to form the nose.

Colourful Turkeys

When you want to try another bird project with your little one, you could try to make some colourful turkeys. To make this particular project, you will need some colourful feathers, a black marker, some school glue, sticky tape and different colours of construction paper (brown, white and orange).

First, take a sheet of brown construction paper and cut out a circle. Once you have the circle, cut it in half. Next, take the sticky tape and stick the ends together to form a cone shape.

Once you have the cone shape, you can start making the face of your turkeys. Cut out two small circles from the white construction paper, which will be the eyes. Then, colour in the eyes as you want them. The easiest result is achieved with a black marker, but you could attempt other colours too.

Next, grab some orange construction paper and cut out some small diamond shapes. Fold the diamond shape in half and put some glue on the lower part. Then, stick it to the cone to form the beak of the turkey.

Finally, it is time to glue all the feathers to the turkey. To get the best result, it is recommended to glue the thinner part of the feather and stick it on the back of the cone. You can use a variety of coloured feathers, but you could use the same colour as well. That being said, the coloured feathers do look spectacular!

Feathers And Other Kids' Crafting Supplies At Spotlight

Spotlight offers a huge range of crafting supplies for children and adults alike. To ensure you can easily find what you need, we have divided our big catalogue in various categories. If you are looking for supplies for one of the crafting projects mentioned today, be sure to check out the other sections for great deals and discounts as well!



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