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Let your kids create amazing craft projects with the versatile EVA foam available at Spotlight. EVA foam can be used in a number of ways to create models, costumes, masks and more. It can also form the base of many creations and can be easily cut to size, painted, decorated and glued. Available in handy sheets in a range of bright colours, EVA foam will give your kids hours of creative fun. Just one part of the large range of kids craft supplies available here at Spotlight, so why not check out the whole range today!

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Your Ultimate Guide To Eva Foam!

As a parent, you have probably come across the term Eva foam more times than you could have imagined. But what is Eva foam exactly? And is it really so beneficial for children? If you want to get more familiar with Eva foam, its characteristics and benefits, be sure to read our article below.

What Does EVA Stand For?

EVA is the abbreviation for ethylene vinyl acetate. It is a type of plastic that provides properties such as softness and flexibility. Despite its soft and flexible properties, the material is also incredibly strong. Subsequently, you will find EVA in many children's toys, accessories, and even footwear.

Manufacturers can use different percentages of vinyl acetate during the production of EVA foam. However, the general range lies between 10% and 40%, which is deemed a safe margin for their applications.

During the production process, manufacturers can use various additives to adjust some of the properties in EVA foam, this may include the colour, thickness, hardness, and overall durability of the material.

What Are The Most Common Applications For EVA?

There are countless applications for EVA these days. The material is used in shoes, sports equipment, protective gear, and even in the building industry! Of course, you will also find many children's toys, drinkware, and other items made from this particular material.

Why Is Eva Foam Often Used Over PVC In Children's Products?

PVC is a material that may contain BPAs and plasticizers. This is not the case of EVA foam, as its chemical composition is completely different. Because of the lack of harmful compounds, EVA foam has become one of the most popular materials for manufacturers to work with.

What Are The Benefits Of EVA Foam?

We already mentioned why EVA foam is often chosen over PVC, but we have not discussed the specific benefits associated with this material. Below, we have provided an overview of the most important advantages.

Padding: EVA is a soft material that can provide some cushioning. Because of this, they can be used for the production of knee pads. Full EVA sheets are also placed on harder floor in day care facilities.

More durability: EVA Foam is made through a lengthy manufacturing process and can involve the addition of save additives. When an application requires even more durability, the manufacturer can incorporate additional additives that will make the material even stronger. As a result, you will also find this material in seals and gaskets for industrial applications. So, its strength is not only suitable for children's items.

Insulating properties: Not many people know that EVA foam has insulating properties. Not only can it provide a barrier between the cold floor and your child's feet, it can also reduce noise.

Parents who do not have any carpeting upstairs may experience a lot of noise when the children are playing upstairs. Fortunately, EVA foam can provide a solution. When the material is placed on the upstairs floor, the amount of noise that will come from the room will be greatly reduced. In addition to that, it also protects your child if they were to fall.

Good water-resistance: EVA foam also has good water resistance and is even used in floatation devices because of its closed cell structure. Naturally, the water-resistance also provides more benefits when applied in children's products.

Because of its natural water-resistance, EVA foam is less likely to hold onto stains. Spills are also easy to clean up and the material dries incredibly fast. So, it is more than suitable to protect the floor in a day care environment. In addition to that, it can be placed in any playroom to ensure a quick and hassle-free clean-up.

EVA Foam Products At Spotlight

As EVA foam can provide numerous benefits for children, you will find that many of our products are made with EVA foam. On this page, you will find cups, tumblers and spout bottles that are made from this brilliant material. If you wish to learn more about each of the drinkware products, please click on the product name to head over to the product description page. There, you will find more information about the product, its benefits, and its applications.



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