Kids DIY Masks

For a creative pastime with a bit of a difference, why not explore our great range of DIY masks here at Spotlight? With simple animal masks for the little ones, to more detailed masks that will appeal to teens and adults, all these masks need is your imagination to come to life! They can be painted, coloured, covered in glitter, feathers, fabric and beads to create beautiful masterpieces. Let the kids organise their own play, theatre show or even a masked ball once all the

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How To Decorate The DIY Masks From Spotlight?

At Spotlight, you can find various DIY masks that you can decorate yourself. Making your own masks can be more affordable, so it is certainly a good idea to learn how to decorate them. If this is the first time you are decorating a DIY mask, be sure to read through our top tips below.

What Supplies Do I Need To Decorate DIY Masks?

We must admit that the supplies you need will be subject to the design you have in mind. However, most people will require some DIY masks, feathers, a selection of spray paint, a glue gun, pencil, and a good pair of scissors.

Evidently, there are some designs that may require more crafting supplies, this may include some sequins, gems and other small details that can be added to the mask. If you intend on including feathers, you can purchase some different colours to make your mask stand out even more.

Can I Adjust The Shape Of The Mask Myself?

If you have taken a look online at homemade masks, you may have noticed that some only cover half the face. Contrary to popular belief, most of these masks are created from full masks. Any parts on the mask that you do not need can simply be cut away. However, it is important to ensure there are no sharp edges that could cut into your skin or could become uncomfortable.

Not quite sure how you cut a mask to the shape you want? Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Trace the shape: Before you start cutting into your DIY mask, always mark the shape with a basic pencil. We also recommend using curved lines instead of straight lines. By using curved lines, the mask will shape around your face better and is unlikely to be uncomfortable.
  • Check each side: The biggest challenge is to keep each side of the DIY mask symmetrical once it has been cut. It is a good idea to spend some extra time on the tracing process before you put the scissors in the mask.

If you are unable to keep the mask symmetrical on each side, you can use another mask as a template. Of course, it does mean that you will waste a mask to make the other. In most cases, you should be able to trace it quite easily.

  • Cut carefully: Take your time with the cutting process. You want to make sure the cuts are smooth and do not leave any bumps or sharp edges, which could cut into your skin.

How Do I Paint DIY Masks?

Once you have determined the shape of the mask, it is time to paint it in your favourite colour. Keeping the plain white look can be an option, but it does tend to look unfinished. So, we always recommend getting some good spray paint in the colour of your choice.

When you purchase spray paint for your DIY mask, always check some of the special finishes that are available. You can get plenty of spray paints with a matte finish, but you also have glitter and metallic finishes.

To start painting your mask, place it on a piece of cardboard, this will protect the surface underneath against the paint. You can also leave the mask to dry on the cardboard. So, be sure to put it in a place that is properly ventilated and where it can be kept undisturbed for a little while.

Once the spray paint has dried completely, you can start decorating with your favourite decorating supplies. You can glue some feathers on the inside of the mask. You can layer feathers over the top and put some glitter on it. There are countless possibilities, so your only limit is your own creativity.

Creating Your DIY Mask With Spotlight Supplies!

At Spotlight, you can find numerous DIY masks as well as the decorations and paints you need to customise these masks. As all our crafting supplies for DIY masks are really affordable, you will have no problems making several masks of your own. So, if you want to get started, check out our selection of DIY masks and other crafting supplies today!



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