Kids Chenille Sticks

Your kids will love creating decorative objects, signs and fun gift ideas with the soft and furry chenille sticks. Ideal for a range of crafty projects, chenille sticks are available here at Spotlight in a huge range of colours including bumpy, glitter and tinsel sticks. Combine with coloured card, beads and other craft items to make a variety of items including decorations, finger puppets, name signs and more, the possibilities are nearly endless! Ideal entertainment on a rainy afternoon or for a kids party, and suitable for a large age range too.

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Fun Projects To Do With Chenille Sticks For Kids

Chenille sticks have been used in children's crafts for many years. When you check online, you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of projects that are done with chenille sticks. Since Spotlight also provides chenille sticks in its crafting catalogue, we went looking for some original projects to do. So, if you need inspiration, why not check out the recommended chenille stick projects below?

What Accessories Can Be Made With Chenille Sticks?

Accessories made from chenille sticks are popular among little girls. You can use them to make rings, wands, and crowns, depending on the preferences of the little girl in question.

Making accessories from chenille sticks is easy to do and only requires a minimal amount of crafting supplies. Some only require chenille sticks on their own, while other projects may require some additional glitter, glue and similar basic supplies. And while some projects may need some adult assistance, many kids love to play around with chenille sticks and come up with a creation of their own.

One of our favourite accessories to make with chenille sticks are bunny ears. To create these, you will need some large chenille stems in two different colours, a child's headband, wire cutters, scissors and hot glue. Evidently, some of these things should only be used by adults, so be sure to help your child with the more difficult steps.

Before you start, choose a colour you will use for the outside of the ears and one colour for the inside. Then, cut the chenille stick that will be used for the inner ear in a shorter size. Then, shape each chenille stick in a teardrop shape and twist the ends together to close them up.

Take a chenille stick in the colour for the outer ear and ensure it matches the size of the headband. Next, attach the stick to the headband by applying a little hot glue over the surface of the headband. Then, take the teardrop shaped chenille sticks and place them both on top of the headband with some hot glue. Alternatively, you can also twist them around the headband, but this gives a less clean finish.

Can Toys Be Made With Chenille Sticks?

Toys are also popular projects to tackle with chenille sticks. There are a variety of little toys that can be made, ranging from finger puppets and aliens to crystal stars to hang in the child's bedroom. Of course, you could also attempt a more elaborate project such as a chenille stick fishing game.

The chenille stick fishing game enables your child to let their creativity run free with lots of crafting supplies. You will need a selection of our chenille sticks in assorted colours, some pompoms, crafting sticks, googly eyes, magnets, ribbon, sea shells, sequins, and desert sand. You will also need a glue gun, but this should be used by adults.

First, you start by making the fishes. Take some chenille sticks in the brightest and bolded colours. Fold the stick in half and twist them around a little before the end of each half - this will create the shape of the tale. Next, fold the other side around the thumb until you get a small circle.

Once you have the general shape of the fish, push a pompom in the hole and stick a googly eye on the side of the pompom. Craft glue or the glue gun should be used to keep the pompom in place. In addition to fish, you can attempt different sea creatures as well - this includes starfish and an octopus.

Once you have all the fish and sea creatures made, grab a cardboard box and fill it with some blue fabric or paper. Then add the sea creatures onto the paper and let your child glue some of the sea shells and other decorations.

Chenille Sticks And Other Crafting Supplies From Our Catalogue

Spotlight is the prime spot to get all the supplies you need for children's crafting projects. You can count on us for chenille sticks, but also for crafting paper, glue, sequins, and anything else you might require for children's crafting projects. Check out the catalogue today for more information.



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