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What Should My Child's Craft Kit Contain?

At Spotlight, you will find many pre-made craft kits that your child can use in their crafting projects. Evidently, the craft kit you obtain will depend on the specific craft your child is interested in. You can also use our kits to make a larger craft kit that covers various crafts at once. But what should be in such a large craft kit?

Which Basic Crafting Supplies Should Be Included In My Child's Craft Kit?

When it comes down to children's crafting projects, there are a lot of basic supplies that will be used over and over again. Therefore, you want to make sure the following supplies are included in your child's crafting kit.

Construction paper: This kind of paper is known for its sturdiness and easy handling properties. It can be cut, ripped, and can even be used to construct different things solely out of paper!

Children's paint: Some paints are easily washable and should be included in your child's craft kit. Washable paints are made from safe materials and can easily be removed from furniture, clothing and skin.

Markers: Lots of crafting projects will require some markers. Of course, young children do have the tendency to bite those markers, so it is important to make sure the markers in question are sturdy and safe. If you purchase markers for older children, you pretty much have free range with regard to the markers you purchase.

Crayons: Most children have fond memories of projects that involve crayons. They can be fun for adults as well, because there are so many things that can be done with them. In fact, you can melt them and turn them into something fun. You can also melt different colours together and give your child an amazing multicoloured crayon to work with.

School glue: School glue is relatively safe for young children and most parents tend to use it once their child gets older as well. There are many crafting applications for school glue and your child is likely to use it at school too.

Comfort grip scissors: Once your children develop some fine motor skills, they will need a pair of scissors that is easier for them to use. Fortunately, you can obtain so-called comfort grip scissors for children, which are especially made for small hands and can be used in various crafting projects.

Googly eyes: This may seem like an odd addition to our overview of essential crafting supplies, but it is actually one of the most useful. You will find that googly eyes have so many applications and will be used on a regular basis, so always make sure you have some on hand.

Which Advanced Crafting Supplies Should I Acquire For My Child?

There are some supplies you can add to your child's crafting kit, but these might not be used all the time. Still, if you want to make sure your child has everything that they need for specialist crafting projects in the future, you could obtain some of these supplies too.

Recyclables: Some items you would otherwise throw away can actually be useful for crafting. Common recyclables you may want to keep a hold on include toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, old cereal boxes, and paper grocery bags.

Common household items: There are some supplies you regularly use in the household but could be used for crafting too. Some of the options you may want to put in your child's crafting kit include aluminium foil, cotton balls, old toothbrushes, sponges, and zip lock bags.

Feathers: Some projects can require stuffing things with feathers, or your child may want to glue the feathers to a piece of paper. So, make sure you acquire some for your child's crafting kit.

Crafting Supplies Now Available From Spotlight

Spotlight has various sections filled with crafting supplies - this includes crafting supplies for both children and adults. We also have the section on this page, which provides you with countless premade craft kits that your child can use for a crafting project of their own. So, if you have little time to create your child's craft kit, you may want to look at this category for some quick and affordable options.



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