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Top Tips For Designing Your Child's Bedroom

A child's bedroom should be a place that is filled with whimsical fun as well as relaxation. Implementing both elements can be difficult, especially if there is not as much space in your child's bedroom. Fortunately, Spotlight is on your side today with some outstanding tips to ensure your child's bedroom is the best it can be.

How Can I Get Around Smaller Bedrooms In Terms Of Design?

Parents often make the mistake to create an open plan bedroom design in a compact bedroom. Evidently, when there is not enough room available, this simply cannot be done. So, the trick is to make the lack of space an advantage in the design you use.

When you have a compact child's bedroom, you need to work with the cosiness that is already present inside the room. Look at lots of cushions and themed blankets, which you can obtain for an affordable price in our catalogue. You can also add some fun accessories such as battery-powered LED lights.

Which Colours Should I Focus On For A Child's Bedroom?

It is not uncommon for parents to choose colours that are only suitable for very young children. While this is no problem for the first couple of years, it does mean you have to repaint or add new wallpaper every couple of years. If you want to make a potential bedroom upgrade a little easier, it is essential to use a colour that can grow with your child.

There are also benefits to using lighter colours in certain bedrooms. If the bedroom is quite compact to begin with, a lighter colour can make the bedroom appear more spacious. Neutral colours are also a good idea, as you can add accessories in different colours and easily switch them out as your child's preferences change. You can also use bolder coloured bedding to put some accents inside the room.

We must mention that bold colours should not be ruled out completely. Certain bright and bold colours can grow with children as well. You can use a combination of neutral and bold colours if you want the room to have an overall creative yet relaxing vibe. Of course, we do need to mention that certain bold colours can be counter-intuitive to sleep. So, be sure to consider the bold colours you use very carefully.

How To Keep A Child's Bedroom Organised Once It's Designed?

Nothing can ruin a design like unnecessary clutter and the typical mess you would associate with a child growing up. Yet, there are some solutions that can keep bedrooms organised while contributing to the overall design in the bedroom.

Nowadays, you will encounter many storage solutions for a child's bedroom. Ideally, you want storage solutions that match the height of your child, as they can benefit from putting away their things themselves. To save yourself some work as a parent, look for modular storage units and children's wardrobes.

Which Furniture Do I Absolutely Need For A Child's Bedroom?

Always cover the bases such as the bed, a dresser, and a place to study. That being said, space could be limiting you. If this is the case, you may want to consider multifunctional pieces of furniture. Some beds come with their own storage space and can even have a desk fitted to them. In other cases, you can find beds that have their own dresser incorporated. So, if you are limited in terms of space, multifunctional furniture can become extremely useful.

When arranging the furniture inside your child's bedroom, be sure to look at lighting as well. It is possible to layer lighting and ensure everything is covered - this ranges from functional lighting to ambience. Also, make sure that lights can be turned on and off by your child, which promotes their independence and certainly makes their room feel a lot more personal.

Everything For Your Kid's Bedroom At Spotlight

When you are searching for items for your kid's bedroom, you can find a good selection at Spotlight. From quilt covers to playmats and other useful, functional items, our catalogue provides them all for a very affordable price. Discover the range today and transform your child's bedroom into a masterpiece.



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