What To Think About When Buying Fitted Sheets?

There are a lot of things to think about when you buy new sheets and fitted sheets especially. The wrong decision could give you some uncomfortable nights, so we have created a useful buying guide for fitted sheets that will guarantee you a good night sleep.

What Is A Good Fibre Content For Fitted Sheets?

The fibre content of your fitted sheets is important, because the exact fabric fibre you choose can determine the comfort, softness, and even the durability of your sheets. When you browse the catalogue with fitted sheets at Spotlight, you will notice that there are plenty of materials to choose from. So, which is considered the best fabric fibre?

When you are looking for comfortable and affordable, 100% cotton fitted sheets will do the job just fine. Cotton is a breathable material that feels soft on the skin and is unlikely to cause irritation. Therefore, it is perfectly safe for children as well as adults.

Those who do not mind spending just a little more on luxurious sheets could consider more expensive materials such as Egyptian cotton and extra-long staple cotton (ELS). While they are a little more expensive, their softness and comfort is difficult to beat.

Of course, you can also go for the most affordable option in the form of synthetic materials. We must mention that synthetic materials can feel a little different than sheets made from natural materials. That being said, they tend to be more durable and are less likely to get wrinkled. You can also choose a fabric blend of cotton and polyester, which gives you the positive properties of both materials.

What Is A Good Thread Count For Fitted Sheets?

Thread count is another property you need to look at for fitted sheets. To make a long story short, thread count can influence the comfort, quality, and durability of your fitted sheets. That being said, the highest possible thread count does not necessarily provide the best possible quality.

For most people, a thread count around five hundred provides the best comfort and quality. Bear in mind that thread counts of 200 and lower can be rather uncomfortable and the sheets can be too thin, causing premature damage after repeated use and washes. If you have to keep yourself to a budget, then you may find a compromise between three hundred and five hundred.

Do Fitted Sheets Come In Different Weaves?

While you may not notice when you look at fitted sheets, they can come in different weaves. Of course, these weaves are nearly invisible to the naked eye, so you must check the label for the details or the product description in the Spotlight catalogue.

Most fitted sheets have a sateen or a percale weave. The most affordable weave is the percale, which provides fitted sheets that feel light and fresh. However, if you prefer smoothness and a little more luxury, sateen could be the better choice.

How Do I Determine The Size For My Fitted Sheets?

You may know the size of your bed and mattress, but do not assume that single sheets will automatically fit your single bed. One of the things that could alter the size of your fitted sheets is the overall depth of your mattress. If your mattress is much deeper than average, than you might have to go a size up to get it covered.

Some fitted sheets are especially designed for deep mattresses. If you do not want to go up a size, look for deep fitted sheets instead. The product description should also mention the specific dimensions of the product, which you can refer to when you find yourself in doubt.

Fitted Sheets For Kids Available At Spotlight

If you are looking for comfortable sheets for your child's bed, look no further than the collection at Spotlight. We provide high-quality fitted sheets that are affordable to boot, so you do not have to break the bank to obtain superior softness and comfort for your little one.

Please note that Spotlight also provides bed linen for adults. Head over to the main catalogue and head to the bedding section to discover all the adult bedding options we have to offer you.



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