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Spotlight's Face Washer Buying Guide

Looking to buy some face washers for your little one, but want to make sure you purchase the best quality face washer possible? Are you unsure about the properties you should be looking out for to match your child's sensitive skin? Read through our comprehensive face washer buying guide today.

Are Softer Face Washers Better For My Child's Sensitive Skin?

When shopping for face washers, parents will often search for the softest face washers in the store. While softness is a good property for a sensitive skin, the initial softness of a new product is not necessarily the softness you will keep after the first wash.

To guarantee consistent softness, it is essential to look at the material the face washer is made of. Combed cotton tends to be one of the most popular, this does not solely apply to face washers but also towels. If you are looking for the most environmentally friendly material, you could also consider bamboo.

When you choose face washers made from combed cotton, always check the surface for short threads. If any shorter threads are left in the surface, it could mean that the face washers is less durable. In addition to that, shorter threads are more prone to pilling as well, which could make the face washer a little less comfortable.

What Are The Properties Of Good Quality Face Washers?

Softness is often the first thing parents look for, but it should not be the only property you look at. In fact, there are additional properties that could indicate premium quality. So, be sure to read through all of them so you can make an informed decision.

Weight: The quality of a good face washer can often be determined by its overall weight. If the face washer hardly weighs anything, then the quality might not meet your requirements. So, if you are unsure, you should always pick up the product to determine its weight.

Stitching: Even small items such as face washers can have stitching. If the face washer is made with a single row of stitches, it is likely to be less durable than those with a double stitch. Since durability is an important property for an item that will be used regularly, always check the specific stich used for the face washer.

Check the care label: Many face washers will be accompanied by a care label, which instruct you on how to wash and care for the face washer. While the care label does not have as much influence on your purchasing process, it will help you keep the face washer soft and pristine for as long as possible.

Take care with fabric softener: Fabric softeners can be counter intuitive. While you would assume that they make your towels and face washers softer, they can actually leave a residue on your washing that makes them feel rougher. If you notice this with your face washer, it can be a good idea to wash them with a little bit of vinegar mixed in. You could also let them soak in a vinegar and water combo before the next wash. The vinegar will remove any chemical residue and make the face washer seem as good as new.

Lint rolling: Pilling can occur, no matter how careful you are with your face washers. Naturally, these can make a face washer less effective and less soft. Fortunately, you can remove pilling effectively with a good lint roller. If you do not have a lint roller inside the home, you can also use some tape. Just remember to wash the face washer again to remove any of the sticky residue that may remain after the pilling removal.

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