Kids Paper Craft

Forget computer games and tablets and go back to the old days with these wonderfully stimulating paper craft items from Spotlight! Suitable for kids of all ages, simple items such as coloured paper, tissue and card in different colours will provide hours of fun, making everything from paper chains to fun items such as your own paper clock. Also included in the range are simple cut out shapes for a variety of creative projects, as well as several different Papier Mache model kits suitable for slightly older kids.

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All The Things You Can Do With Paper!

Paper is a relatively simple crafting supply that can be found in every household. However, apart from the occasional drawing, it is often overlooked. At Spotlight, we know the value of paper and what it can be used for in children's papercraft. So, let us take a closer look at some fun projects that can be done with paper!

What Are Some Origami Projects For Children?

When papercraft is mentioned, most people think about origami. While most parents believe that origami is too complicated for kids, this is actually not the case. Yes, some help may be required, but origami can be a fun combination of folding, colouring, painting, and even drawing for the entire family.

With some suitable origami paper, you can make anything from decorated ninja stars to animals such as dogs and frogs. Origami also has some educational benefits, as it teaches your child about shapes, angles, and other important things that can be encountered in a subject such as math.

Is It Possible To Make Toys And Games From Paper?

It is certainly possible to make toys and games for something as simple as paper. You could go the traditional route by making paper airplanes and helicopters, or even a ball in a cup game. Still, our favourite project is making a paper train track background. So, when your child pulls out his trains and train tracks, he can add his own world around it!

Where Do I Find Instructions For Papercraft Projects?

Even though we have provided you with some ideas already, you are probably looking for some clear instructions to sink your teeth into. Today, we have a fun paper lantern project to tackle with your child. So, be sure to read through it for a marvellous and unforgettable papercraft experience.

Not only are paper lanterns a fun thing to make, you can even use them as a decoration for your child's bedroom. To make paper lanterns, you will need some construction paper in your child's favourite colours, scissors, a pencil, and a stapler. That's it!

Take two sheets of the construction paper, let's take the example of blue and green. Cut two small strips from the green construction paper along its length. Then, take the blue paper and fold it lengthwise. Space some dotted lines on one half of the blue paper and make sure they end about 2 centimetres away from the end of the paper. Next, cut along the dotted lines with the scissors.

Once you have cut along the dotted lines, you can open the lantern up. The cuts should provide you with strips within the frame of the paper that slightly come out. Once you are happy, insert the remainder of the green paper inside the lantern and use the stapler to secure it. Evidently, this step should always be done by an adult.

When the green paper is in place on the inside of the lantern, you can use the strips you cut earlier to decorate the lantern in a fun way. If you don't really know where to place them, you can use the strips to cover the uncut parts on the top and the bottom of the lantern.

Please note that you do not have to use the strips on the paper lanterns. You can also decorate them with some other crating supplies. If you have some gems or feathers, you can easily stick them on the lantern. You could even make the lantern in white paper and then let your child draw on it. That being said, it is usually easier to draw a pattern or colour the lantern before you construct it.

Kids Papercraft Supplies Available At Spotlight

Whether you need paper or child friendly scissors, you can count on Spotlight for all the papercraft supplies you need. You can also check out our catalogue to get some ideas for some projects.

In addition to papercraft, we offer many other supplies for children's crafts - this includes clay, drawing supplies, painting supplies and a whole lot more. So, be sure to check our other crafting supplies for kids to get some great deals and ensure your child has many fun projects in the future.



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