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Encourage your kids to get creative from an early age with some of the wonderful moulding supplies available here at Spotlight. From soft dough to Plasticine, modelling clay to futuristic kinetic sand, you will find a range of things here suitable for different age groups, which will provide hours of fun. As well as the moulding products, there are also tools, shapes, numbers and letters to help them create many different projects, as well as clay kits that will provide hours of fun helping them to make jewellery or robots.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Clay And Moulding

Clay is a crafting tool that enables children to create their own sculptures, pots, mugs, and countless other brilliant things. Naturally, there are lots of things to say about clay and working with this material in general. So, let us take a thorough look at this crafting supply and all the things you can do with it.

What Is Clay And How Is It Made?

Clay is a natural material. You could describe it as pieces of earth that are formed by rocks and water over the course of time. Of course, the clay that is used in children's crafts and pottery has undergone some manufacturing processes to make it suitable for crafting purposes.

To make clay suitable for crafting, it must be cleaned. Manufacturers will remove any rocks and impurities that remain in the natural clay. They can also add additional compounds to make the clay more mouldable or give it a particular colour.

What Are The Different Ways To Manipulate Clay?

To make clay into something, you must manipulate it with your hands or dedicated clay tools. Here are some of the most common methods and tools that are used on clay and in clay-related crafts.

Pinching: This type of manipulation is commonly used by children, but it is used by adults too. To pinch the clay, you basically use your fingers alone to create a specific shape.

Slabbing: To execute this technique, roll the clay with a suitable rolling pin until you have a flat sheet. Then, cut pieces from the sheet and use the pieces to construct your creation.

Coiling: The coiling method is also popular among children, as it involves rolling snake shapes from the clay. The snake shapes can then be rolled into various shapes. They can also be manipulated further with other techniques.

When you introduce your child to a child-friendly clay such as playdough, coiling and pinching can be two good methods to start with. Children that do not have sufficient fine motor skills can find the coiling method a little easier.

The pottery wheel: This is a professional piece of equipment and only experienced sculptures tend to have one. The wheel enables them to spin clay at their required speed and create items such as pots, mugs, bowls, and vases.

Which Tools Can Children Use To Work With Clay?

As you may have noticed already, there are various ways to manipulate clay. But which tools should you add to your child's crafting collection so they can test out new techniques?

Rolling pin: Nowadays, you can find small plastic rolling pins that are suitable for children's small hands. You can also find these in many different colours and designs, so you are bound to find one that your child likes.

Old popsicle sticks: If you have lots of old popsicle sticks laying around, you can add them to your child's clay crafting collection. Children can use Popsicle sticks to manipulate the clay, but they can also use it for construction purposes and make their own masterpiece. Just let them experiment with them for a fun and creative couple of hours.

Cookie cutters: While we do not recommend getting adult cookie cutters, as they can be rather sharp, there are some suitable children's cookie cutters. In fact, some of them are made for playdough and other types of clay specifically. They are usually made from plastic or other child friendly materials.

Clay knife: Children's clay kits can also contain a clay knife. Naturally, this is not a sharp knife. It is usually made of plastic and is quite thick, which means it is not sharp enough to hurt your little one. That being said, tools such as this should not be used by children younger than three.

Kids Moulding Supplies From Spotlight

At Spotlight, you will find everything you need to get your child started with clay. Our large collection of moulding supplies provides items such as dry clay, plasticine, sculpture shapes, clay jewellery kits and so much more.

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