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Keep your kids amused at home or find everything you need to send them off to school with, in the extensive range of kids drawing supplies at Spotlight. Kids of all ages will be delighted with the pencils, pens, paint, crayons, chalk and other drawing supplies on offer. Encourage their artistic expression and arrange for hours of fun with the different kits included in the range. You will also find useful storage items, pencil cases and practical supplies including rubbers, rulers, staplers and much more in this range.

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Learn About Drawing Supplies For Kids Today!

Most parents start their children with drawing supplies from a very young age. After all, drawing is one of the favourite activities of many young children. But which drawing supplies should be on the shortlist? And are there certain drawing supplies that are recommended? Read on to find out!

Should I Purchase A Huge Variety Of Drawing Supplies?

When you want to start your child on drawing, it is essential not to overcomplicate things. Therefore, most parents will get in some of the basics for the first couple of months when their child starts their unique creative process. After all, you do not want to overwhelm them!

Once your child is enjoying himself drawing, you can look at some additional supplies. You can also involve them in the decision. It could mean getting them a new colouring book, pencils, or maybe starting them off on different mediums such as painting and crayon art.

Which Paint Is Best To Start With?

For younger children, it is often better to start with painting than drawing. After all, drawing requires fine motor skills that can be a source of frustration. Instead, use a simple painting project with some safe children's paint and some sponges.

To avoid some unnecessary mess, you can use a large carboard box and have your child paint the inside of the box. Place some plastic underneath the box to catch any spills. During this time, you can also introduce them to different painting mediums. Start with the larger items such as sponges and gradually introduce them to paintbrushes. Once your child is able to use the smaller paintbrushes, it could be a good idea to introduce them to drawing and colouring pencils.

Which Paper Is Best For Children's Drawings?

If you have some experience with drawing yourself, you may already know about the different kinds of drawing paper you can obtain. For children, you do not have to pick anything too elaborate. Some simple white construction paper is usually enough. And, if you want a bigger surface to work on, you can always tape several pieces of construction paper together.

Which Paintbrushes Are Best For Children?

Nowadays, you can find paintbrushes in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. While you might have no problems finding paintbrushes that match the preference of your child, there is only one factor to really consider. Which paints is the paintbrush in question suitable for?

Since children tend to work with different types of paint as they get older, it is best to choose a paintbrush type that can be used with various types of paint. Ideally, you want a brush that can handle watercolours as well as acrylic paints.

What Other Drawing Tools Could I Get For My Kids?

Drawing pencils and paints are not the only drawing tools you can obtain these days. In fact, there are many drawing tools that can be added to your child's collection. All these different drawing tools also fuel your child's creativity.

One of the additional drawing tools you can obtain are crayons. Crayons are wonderfully versatile, as they can be melted to make something completely different! You can also melt them together to create a so-called multicoloured disk.

Markers should also be added to your child's drawing tools. For young children, it is important to choose markers that are sturdy, as children can bite the ends of the marker. When obtaining markers, you should also obtain a lot of different colours, from basic to bold markers. Doing so will give your child more freedom in their projects.

Drawing Supplies For Children Available At Spotlight

Spotlight provides many drawing supplies for children, this ranges from pencils and markers to construction paper. We also have library bags, which can be used to store all their crafting supplies for school or for an outside project.

Since Spotlight provides many crafting supplies, we urge you to check out our other categories as well. Since we offer all crafting supplies for a really sharp price, parents can save loads just by shopping with us. Check out the catalogue today and benefit from great deals and discounts on our children's crafting supplies and equipment.



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