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Where to start with art supplies for kids

Drawing supplies

Paper is the basic item behind all kids' drawing supplies - loose sheets, sketchbooks and even themed colouring books. To draw, your kids will need some crayons, coloured pencils, pastels and maybe even an artistic eraser or artist smudger once their skills start advancing. If you're looking for drawing supplies for toddlers, just make sure they're water soluble and can be easily removed from various surfaces. Toddlers tend to see everything as paper!

Painting supplies

If you're after kids' art painting supplies, then your shopping list should include paintbrushes, paints, a palette to hold the paints and a surface for painting. That surface might be a traditional canvas or a woodblock, rock or some item that sparks an artistic fire. Character themed art kits - such as Harry Potter water colour pads, paints & canvas kits and wall canvases - are a great way to get kids interested in art in the first place.

Clay modelling supplies

Clay or plasticine or Play-Doh modelling is an excellent hobby for kids who prefer to build things rather than paint or draw. Clay for kids is non-toxic, easy to clean up, safe to handle and can either be baked in the oven or left out to air dry to produce the final artwork. Different moulding materials can also be combined for multicoloured sculptures.

Explore anything and everything

Open-ended experimentation is the secret to getting kids started in art. Encourage your kids to choose their own painting, drawing or moulding supplies, and see what eventually sticks. It may require a little bit of experimentation - e.g. your little one might love drawing with pastels rather than pencils - but the affordability of kids' arts & crafts items means you can make some mistakes before hitting on the right one for your child.

Find the right kids' art supplies at Spotlight

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