Making your home the ideal retreat

Making your home the ideal retreat

As we all continue to adapt to an ever-changing world, the need for our homes to provide peace and harmony - a place where we can retreat - has become more and more important. By reconnecting with our environment and combining the natural with classic, timeless treasures, we can regenerate ourselves through a sense of familiarity.

This is the very essence of our retreat home decorating trend.

Be comforted in knowing that not everything in this world needs to change dramatically. Blur the lines between what you love and what you know - the contemporary and the vintage ­- and tap into Mother Nature's most wonderful, earthly delights when you redecorate your home in the theme of retreat.

In the bedroom

A retreat-styled bedroom should take you to your happy place - whether that's a tropical rainforest, a windswept beach or a romantic French chateau. With a considered combination of décor designed to activate your senses and your memories, you can easily turn your place of rest into the perfect retreat just for you.

In our pictured example, we've drawn from a palette of natural woods, pink clay and warm terracotta to evoke the feel of a Tuscan villa - or it could just as easily be a riad in Marrakech with the addition of a Moroccan rug and a decorative lamp or tiles. A Pampas grass floral display and woven basket complete the dreamy effect, while the bed styling comes with a lighter bedspread design that introduces a distinctly feminine touch through its wild floral pattern on creamy background.

On the dining table

Activate your family's taste buds and complement the kind of wholesome, moreish meals grandma would have made with beautiful stone or earthenware crockery.

Unlike the fancier dining sets, plates and bowls that fit within the retreat trend are stylistically rustic, without the luxe details like gold trims and glossy finishes. Dining with retreat in mind means serving generous helpings on plates that could have come straight from the kiln that morning, and that are perfect in their imperfections.

When you eat from this crockery, you'll be nostalgic for every mouthful.

In the kitchen

There's no reason why the chef in the family should miss out when it comes to the retreat trend. Retreating means dedicating time to hearty, home-cooked meals that are bursting with taste, goodness and delectable aromas.

Charming, speckled stone cookware brings a country cottage flavour to mealtimes, not to mention the convenience of transporting your casseroles or baked creations direct from the oven to table. Mossy green and eggshell colour options are the perfect complement for making any foods more special.

In the material things

Being a dominant colour in nature, green plays a pivotal role in our retreat trend, symbolising hope, growth and renewal. Whether it's darker forest-style colours for home craft projects or rich and warmer tones for bedding and home décor, it's all about reconnecting with the great indoors to create your own post-Covid sanctuary.

Choose from throws, blankets and rugs in classic patterns, textures and prints that invigorate and emotionally recharge you. A few carefully placed soft fabrics are the simplest and most affordable way to give your home a lift with the retreat trend, and without breaking the budget in the process.

On the walls

Look all around you - your walls are the horizons of your home! Create magnificent vistas that take you wherever you want to go without even leaving your front door.

Maybe you'd like to select some favourite pics from holidays or special family moments then reproduce them as canvases of different sizes in a gallery wall display? Or you can travel to places you've never visited before through the safe portal of a painting or wall art prints. It might be a landscape, or it could even be the close-up detail of a particularly gorgeous leaf, or even an unusual seashell.

Use your wall art in all its variations to connect with the most majestic and intimate details of nature in your home.

In the little details

Ornaments, curios and little things recall memories of places visited or cherished experiences. Whether they are practical items ­- such as tables lamps - or merely function as decoration, these items are the adornments that colour our worlds and inject our personality into the corners of any room.

For the retreat trend, choose items coloured in soft, earthy hues that have homespun textures to them - a combination of dimpled and smooth ceramics, woven string or straw and vintage glassware that proudly wears its imperfections.


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