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At Spotlight, we have a gorgeous range of desirable and luxurious wallpaper suitable for every home decor. Our Wallpaper is both stylish and affordable and no matter what your taste we are sure to have the perfect wallpaper for that special room in a variety of colours and prints. Whether you are for something fabulously floral or seriously stripy, delightfully dotty or pretty and plain, we have got you and your walls covered. Browse through our extensive selection today!

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How To Choose The Right Wallpaper For My Home?

Choosing wallpaper can take some time, as you need to think about several things before you can make the right selection. If this is the first time you are choosing wallpaper, then be sure to read through Spotlight's wallpaper buying guide, which ensures you get the right wallpaper for your home.

Which Wallpaper Designs Are Trendy These Days?

Choosing wallpaper is all about your personal preference. You can find wallpaper in different colours, patterns, and designs. Much like paints, wallpaper accommodates for a wide range of tastes.

Of course, your wallpaper should match the furniture pieces you already have in place. Also consider any artwork you want to keep and hang on the wall before you choose a wallpaper.

Can I Use Wallpaper In The Bathroom?

This is a common question. Wallpaper is commonly associated with living rooms and bedrooms, not bathrooms. However, this does not mean that you cannot use wallpaper in the bathroom, but you do have to make some adjustments.

Wallpapers that are used in humid environments need some additional varnish - this ensures that the wallpaper does not become affected by the humidity in the bathroom. If you do not want to apply the special varnish yourself, you can also find some pre-varnished wallpapers for the bathroom.

How Do I Make Sure I Get A Clean Finish?

There are a couple of things you need to check before you start wallpapering the room. One of the first things to check is the state of the walls. If the walls are cracked or uneven, then adding wallpaper can be a little more challenging.

Fortunately, most wallpaper comes with special lining paper in the back these days. Because of this lining paper, you can easily hide imperfections in the wall. That being said, if there are huge caps and holes in the wall, it is always best to repair and fill them before you even start adding wallpaper.

Can I Use Different Wallpapers In The Same Room?

You can add different wallpapers in the same room, just as long as they work together. You can use a different more themed paper for the accent wall, complemented by a more neutral paper for the other three walls.

When you are in doubt about wallpaper colours that complement one another, be sure to have a look at the colour wheel.

What Is The Difference Between Paper And Vinyl Wallpaper?

Paper is the best-known wallpaper type out there and obviously the most traditional choice. Most paper wallpapers are woven, with a colour and design that is printed onto the paper. Some papers also come without a colour, enabling you to paint over it in your preferred colour.

Vinyl wallpaper is made from laminated PVC. Compared to paper wallpaper, vinyl is considerably thicker. Subsequently, vinyl wallpaper is much more suitable for walls that are uneven or contain cracks.

Another interesting feature of vinyl wallpaper is that the wallpaper is easy to clean and free of chemicals such as turpentine and acetone. So, this is a really safe choice for any home. If you are worried about some of the chemicals in wallpapers, then vinyl could be the ideal choice for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Wallpaper Over Paint?

Wallpaper tends to be more durable than paints, since good wallpaper can remain on your walls perfectly for fifteen years. It can also hide some of the imperfections that would show with regular paint, which makes it all the more interesting.

Another interesting thing you can encounter with wallpaper is the texture variation. Evidently, this offer of textures ensures that you can add more depth in any room.

Get a Good Deal On Wallpaper At Spotlight

Have you thought about adding a new wallpaper to your home, but always feared the cost? Don't want to compromise on quality, but still get an affordable price? If so, be sure to take advantage of the full range of wallpaper available at Spotlight. Spotlight's wallpaper is available for the sharpest prices in Australia, so you can always count on a great deal when you shop in our wallpaper catalogue. So, why not check out the options today and grab yourself that wallpaper deal?



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