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How To Choose Art To Complement Your Home?

Wall art is more affordable than ever, so many people spruce up their home with some beautiful paintings, posters, and even framed decorations. But how do you choose pieces of art that look perfect inside your home? Here are some expert tips from Spotlight that should help you make a choice in your catalogue.

What Size Wall Art Should I Look For?

One of the first things you will look at is the size of the wall art you obtain. Evidently, choosing the right size is all about evaluating the space you have available, but also the furniture inside the specific room. Below, you will find the most common wall art sizes and their respective benefits.

Oversized wall art: This is the largest art piece you can find, and this can easily exceed 100 centimetres. Even though oversized art captures the attention as soon as you enter a room, you need to make sure that you have enough space for it. There should still be enough free room between the edge of the wall art and the corner of the wall. Otherwise, the piece may look out of place.

Large wall art: Anything that exceeds 80 centimetres is usually qualified as large wall art. If you want to have a statement piece in a room, but do not have the space needed for oversized wall art, then this size could be a great alternative. These kinds of pieces are particularly popular for the living room.

Medium wall art: Choose medium wall art when you are looking for versatility inside your home. You can use medium wall art on its own, but you can also combine several to create a really cool effect.

Small wall art: If you have a low dresser, then a small piece of wall art above the dresser can make all the difference. Like medium wall art, you can group small wall art together.

Which Style Of Wall Art Is Right For My Home?

You may have different interests and preferences, so how do you choose wall art that fits inside your home? Well, the main thing to remember is the style of your home. While you can incorporate personal choices and preferences, the wall art cannot look out of place when it comes to your overall interior.

One of the ways to determine if a piece of wall art will fit your interior is by looking at your existing furniture. If your furniture is very traditional, then more traditional wall art can complement that style. If it is modern, then you are looking for abstract art or something with clean lines and shapes.

The design of your artwork is important, but you need to look at specific colours as well. Many people purchase art because they genuinely like the piece, only to find that the colour of the artwork does not work with your current wall colour.

When you do not know which colour would work with your walls, then it recommended to look at the colour wheel. A colour wheel will provide you with several options when it comes to complementary colours, so you can easily filter and select the best artwork for your home.

Contrary to popular belief, you can use different colours for your artwork in the same room. However, it is all about finding the perfect balance. So, if you have a blue piece and want that to accentuate the room, it is better to include some additional blue pieces.

When you want some different colours, but it does not necessarily complement the room, you can look at some frames as well. Depending how much focus you want to attract to the artwork, be sure to pick the appropriate frame material and colour.

Where Can I Find Affordable Wall Paintings?

Spotlight provides you with an outstanding collection of wall paintings, suitable for a variety of interiors. If you are looking for some interesting wall decorations or wall art, then you can count on Spotlight to provide some excellent options. Check out the wall painting range today to discover some amazing deals and save big on your latest wall art and wall decoration purchases.



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