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Brighten up your outdoor spacer and illuminate your patio or garden with our comprehensive range of outdoor lighting at Spotlight. Garden lighting can truly create an amazing atmosphere, as well as meaning that you can enjoy the outdoors well into the evening. Whether you are looking to brighten your balcony, add a glow to your garden or make a pretty patio, shop outdoor lighting at Spotlight today

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Your Ultimate Outdoor Lighting Buying Guide

When you want to make sure you can enjoy your garden even after dark, you need to acquire some suitable outdoor lighting. But which outdoor lighting is most suitable for you? Take advantage of our outdoor lighting buying guide to discover the best possible option for your garden and other favourite outdoor areas.

What Are The Main Considerations When Shopping For Outdoor Lighting?

There are many factors to consider, from the colour of the lights to the type of outdoor lighting you want to obtain. However, we can narrow down the two most important factors for you.

Location: The outdoor location where you want light can influence your lighting choice. For example, do you need to light a very large area? Or are you looking for some understated, subtler lighting to set the right atmosphere in your garden?

Portability: There is a big difference between fixed and portable lights. Fixed lights can never be moved, as they are usually incorporated in the wall and connected to your home's electricity network. However, portable lights can be moved and are more adaptable for a changing outdoor environment. This proves especially handy if you decide to move your outdoor furniture.

What Are The Most Popular Forms Of Outdoor Lighting?

Due to the high demand for outdoor lighting, you can get many possible types of outdoor lighting these days. They all have their own set of benefits, so it can be advantageous to educate yourself with each type. Below, we have listed the most popular types and included some reasons why you should use them in your garden.

Electric lighting: When you are worried about interrupted lighting outside and need some substantial functional lighting, electric lighting could be the best option. Electric lighting is hooked on your electrics, which means it will never turn off when you don't want it too.

One of the downside to electric lighting is that they can be the most expensive. They need to be installed by an electrician, since they are connected to your electrics. They are usually fixed as well, which means you cannot move them if you would like to move your outdoor furniture or other essential areas that require additional light.

Solar lighting: As the name already indicates, this type of outdoor lighting derives its power from the sun. Because of this environmentally friendly resource, you can count on a source of lighting that does not require any wiring and can be moved when you require. That being said, some solar lights can be fixed into place as well.

Some of the older solar lights tended to go out prematurely, which was not very functional. However, because of the arrival of more compact solar-powered batteries and countless other technologies, solar outdoor lights have become very popular and are a more affordable alternative to electric lights.

Battery-powered lighting: While solar lights derive their power from the sun and store it in a dedicated solar battery, battery-powered lighting will derive its power from batteries alone. They are quite consistent and do not turn off, providing you replace the batteries when they are needed.

Some of the cheaper battery-powered lighting options can get rather hot, so it is important to look for higher-quality options to avoid developing a fire hazard in your outdoor area. However, there can be a significant price difference.

Candles: Those who are looking for affordable lighting that simply provides a nice ambiance should consider candles. You can make them yourself or simply purchase them from Spotlight. Once you have them, you can use them in any location you prefer.

Candles can be influenced by the weather elements, so always make sure you place them in a suitable container that protects the flame against the wind. You will also find that some candles can burn very quickly, so you may need to replace them often. Having said that, some higher quality candles can have a lengthy burn time, but this will reflect in their price.

Outdoor Lighting And Other Outdoor Supplies At Spotlight

In our outdoor range, you can find suitable outdoor lighting options and other supplies. Do not break the bank to get the quality you need for your outdoor area and choose the affordable Spotlight collection.



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