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Whether you are planning a business trip or jetting off on that holiday of a lifetime, we have the travel luggage for you at Spotlight. With cabin cases, suitcases and even handy document holders, you will find a huge selection of travel luggage here. Choose from our colourful options and always know which suitcase is yours or something plain for a traditional suitcase style. With hard shell and soft shell luggage available, shop our travel luggage selection today.

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The Ultimate Buying Guide For Your Travel Luggage

Travelling is amazing, but many people fear lugging their travel luggage around. Fortunately, there is travel luggage out there that will make your travelling experience a lot more convenient and comfortable. So, read through the tips below to ensure you select the right travel luggage for the journey ahead.

What Are The Main Considerations When Selecting Travel Luggage?

There are a number of properties you need to consider when you select travel luggage. Of course, some of those properties might be more important to you than others. Here are some of the most important considerations for your travel luggage selection.

Wheels or no wheels: Most people will choose travel luggage with wheels, as this means you do not have to carry your luggage on your back or on your side. Wheels are most suitable for those who intend on flying to their destination and spend some time at a hotel, as it allows you to move your luggage a little easier.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some people go backpacking, in which case luggage with wheels will not be that suitable.

Ventilation: If you choose travel luggage without wheels, then you need to make sure your travel luggage has plenty of ventilation in the back. If that ventilation is not present there, you might end up with a sweaty back. So, always check the materials on the back of the luggage.

Health: When you struggle to lift heavier luggage, then you cannot choose a backpack or a suitcase without wheels. Instead, choose the wheels version for more convenience and comfort.

Space: For most people, space is the most important factor. The bigger a suitcase, the more tempting that suitcase will be to most people. Of course, choosing the biggest version is not always the most convenient for your travel.

Before you choose a suitcase, always have a little think about the space you actually need. How long do you usually travel for? And how much do you take? Based on your answers, you can obtain a suitcase that is much more realistic for your needs.

Durability: People who travel frequently need a suitcase that is more durable. For these people, we usually recommend the hard-shell travel luggage. Hard-shell travel luggage tends to be more resistant against bumps and knocks, but also the wear and tear that you can encounter from frequent travelling.

Price: Another factor that is extremely important during your selection is price. While you may have found the perfect travel luggage, many options out there can be overpriced. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight to provide you with the most affordable travel luggage.

What Additional Features Should I Look Out For?

Once you have the basics covered and have a larger budget at your disposal, it does not hurt to look at some extra features for your travel luggage. Some additional features for more convenience do not hurt right?

Retractable handles: One cool feature you want to look out for is a retractable handle. With a retractable handle, you can adjust your suitcase to match your height. So, if you do not want to bend over to roll your suitcase over the floor, then this is a must-have feature.

Expandable luggage: If you tend to purchase a lot of stuff when you go on holiday, then you need some travel luggage that can expand. Instead of having to buy another suitcase to get all your purchases home, this clever little feature will make the suitcase expand to fit your needs.

Locks: A large number of manufacturers now make their travel luggage with its own security lock. If you have travel luggage with a security lock, you are much less likely to become the victim of an airport pickpocket.

Additional handles: These are only recommended for overhead luggage, as it allows for easier handling. However, larger travel luggage does not require such additional handles.

Interior straps: When your clothes tend to get mixed up in your travel luggage, then be sure to keep an eye out for straps. If there are some straps on the inside of your travel luggage, you can use them to keep your clothes and other belongings in place.



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