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Keep Your Books Organised With These Additional Organisation Tips

Books can easily add to the clutter to your home. No matter how much you love to read, it is easy for books to start taking over your home, making it more difficult to find your favourites. Fortunately, you can count on our magazine racks, storage solutions and additional book organisation tips to keep things organised.

What Are The Best Storage Solutions For Books?

You will find a lot of storage solutions you can use for your books these days. Let's take a closer look at the most prominent options and their respective benefits.

Shelves: When you are looking to store just a couple of books and keep things simple, a streamlined shelve will do the trick. However, do not forget to place something decorative on the edges to prevent your books from falling down.

Magazine rack: If you like to display the books in your collection, you could consider a magazine rack. While they require a little more space, they do enable you to find your favourite books and magazines in a minimal amount of time.

Bookcase: The oldest and most trusted method for books is still the bookcase. You can do loads with bookcases as well, from labelling each shelf to adding decorations such as plants and sculptures between the books.

Modular storage: Another and final option for your books could be some modular storage. Simply build the cubes in the shape most desirable for you and add books, decorations, and anything else you want to put on display.

Please note, you have both open and closed modular storage units these days. If you do not want your books on display, then be sure to choose a modular option that can be closed.

How Do I Organise My Books In My Chosen Storage Solution?

Organising your books is often a matter of preference. Still, if you are not really sure how to start, here are some of our suggestions.

Cover type: One of the ways to organise your books is by cover type. For example, if you have a large selection of hardcovers and paperbacks, you can divide these into two categories. You could even have a dedicated storage solution for each.

Colour: Even though this method is only possible for people with an astronomical number of books in different colours, the result can be really beautiful. When you try this method, we recommend a white bookcase for maximum effect.

Stacking: While putting all your books on the shelf vertically on the bookshelf can look really neat and tidy, you can stack them both ways. It is especially recommended when you have a bookshelf that also contains decorations such as sculptures and artificial plants.

Genre: If you are quite the well-read person, you are likely to have a collection of books in many genres. When you can divide your books in four genres, it might be worth thinking about organising them by genre.

Alphabetically: Do you have a series of bookshelves that covers an entire wall or room? If so, why not consider organising your books alphabetically? By doing so, you could turn your reading room into a library. In addition to that, you will find it much easier to locate a book you are looking for.

Read/Unread: If you regularly buy new books and have quite a collection of read books already, it may be worth dividing the books you have read and those you haven't. In fact, you can reserve an entire shelf for the books you intend on reading. From time to time, you could even include a book you would like to read again.

Size: Organising books in different sizes is a good idea. When you put different sizes together, it can look rather messy and unorganised. So, why not put all the small books on one shelf and the bigger ones on another? Of course, you can mix and match on the same shelf, just as long as you keep them together.

Cover condition: If you have some old and really valuable books, we suggest storing them separately. Keeping these books in a dedicated glass cabinet on the right temperature to prevent deterioration is especially recommended.



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