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How To Choose The Right Chair For Your Dining Room?

Dining rooms can have various designs these days, so it is only evident that you can find many different tables and dining chairs too. Choosing your dining chairs requires you to determine the height, style, and even their durability. To ensure you pick the right selection of chairs, simply read through our convenient guide below.

Which Dining Chair Size Do I Need?

One of the most important aspects of your dining chair is its size. If you buy chairs that are too big or too small for your dining table, your entire setup can look disproportionate. Eating at your table can also be quite uncomfortable with the wrong chairs.

To ensure the chairs have the right size, always consider the apron of your table in your measurements. If you are not sure what the apron of the table is, it is the part that connects the legs of your table to the top of the table. Incorporating the apron of your table in your measurements ensures that your chairs are not too high. Ideally, there should be 30 centimetres between the bottom of the table (or apron) and the top of the chair.

In addition to the height and the width of your chairs, you also need to determine how many chairs you want to put around the table. If you have no idea how much space should be between each of your chairs, the average space is determined at approximately 60 centimetres. If this seems like a little much, it is because it is much. When it comes to parties, you can easily add an extra chair here and there if needed. Still, if you are looking for an attractive and symmetrical dining room, be sure to take the recommended measurements into consideration.

How Do I Determine The Comfort Of My Dining Chairs?

Determining the comfort of your dining chairs can be difficult to evaluate, especially if you are buying online. Fortunately, there are some general rules you can utilise to evaluate chair comfort without sitting in them in person.

When you look at dining chairs, you will encounter upholstered and non-upholstered chairs. It does not need to be said that the upholstered chairs tend to be the most comfortable, as they have some cushioning the non-upholstered versions do not have.

We do need to mention that non-upholstered chairs can have a function too. For example, they are actually used in restaurants for a faster table turnover. Non-upholstered chairs can be a little uncomfortable to sit on for longer periods of time, which explains why they are quite popular.

What Look Should I Choose For My Chair?

If you are looking for superior comfort, you are probably going to choose an upholstered chair. But how do you choose fabric colour, design, and all the other details for your dining room.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to choose chairs that are identical. As long as the chairs complement one another, there is really no problem. So, if you want dining chairs in two different finishes and alternate them, you can create quite the unique look for your dining room.

If you love a little healthy chaos, you can also combine so-called head chairs and side chairs. Head chairs tend to look quite majestic, while side chairs are more understated and simpler. Evidently, it also means that head chairs will be considerably bigger than your side chairs.

Should I Purchase Additional Dining Chairs?

When you use our tips above, we do recommend purchasing some additional dining chairs. As we mentioned earlier, the recommended space between each dining chair to obtain the best look. However, you might be holding a party where there are more guests than chairs. When this happens, you have plenty of space to add a few chairs to the mix. Of course, you need to make sure that you have sufficient chairs for those additional guests.

We recommend purchasing some additional side chairs opposed to head chairs. Remember, head chairs are bigger than side chairs. With some additional side chairs, you will find it easier to add some additional chairs to the table.



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