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There is nothing quite like sinking into a beanbag, and our cosy range of bean bag covers and bean fill will help you to create the ultimate relaxation spot. Whether you are looking for a bean bag that is chic and elegant or something colourful and vibrant, then discover our collection now. These super-comfortable bean bags are ideal for lounging around, with both indoor and outdoor options available, and you will love relaxing in one of these options.

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Your Full Guide To Creating Your First Bean Bag

Bean bags are still widely popular, especially for children's bedrooms and student rooms. Fortunately, you do not have to fork out loads of money to get your own, because you can create a bean bag from scratch with the affordable supplies at Spotlight.

Curious how to get started on making your own bean bag? Check out the guide from the Spotlight team below, which will tell you everything you need to know about making your first bean bag!

What Materials Do I Need To Make My First Bean Bag?

Surprisingly, you do not need a lot of things to make your first bean bag. In fact, basic sewing supplies are usually the only thing you require. You will need a sewing machine, thread, a tape measure, pencil, scissors, zipper, and some bean bag fill.

Please note that not everyone creates their bean bag with a sewing machine. While a sewing machine does make it easier, you can do this manually too. So, if you have extensive experience with manual sewing, you can try to tackle this task by hand instead.

How Do I Prepare The Bean Bag Fabric?

Before you start the sewing process, you will need to cut the fabric first. It is recommended to follow a pattern to get the required size, but you can find online tutorials that give you a rough idea of the fabric size you will need.

An interesting way to create a bean bag is by using two different colours. You could also use a fabric with a pattern combined with a fabric with a solid colour, this will create a lovely two-tone effect.

Before you start the sewing process, it is also a good idea to iron your fabric. If your fabric is made of cotton, always make sure you prewash the fabric too. Not prewashing the fabric could cause the fabric to start shrinking, which will ruin your hard work.

How Do I Sew The Bean Bag?

Once you have cut your two pieces of fabric, turn the right sides of the fabric together. Be sure to use a good zigzag stitch to prevent fraying on the raw edges of your fabric. If there is a need for added durability, for example, for a child's bean bag, you may want to use smaller stitches.

Match up the sewed edges and put the fabrics together so it resembles a hot dog bun. On the folded side of the fabric, cut off some of the material so you achieve a rounded edge. Then, use a zig zag stich on the raw edge and close it up with a strong, regular stich.

Now you are left with one edge that has not been sewn. Fold the fabric again, only inside out this time. Then, sew on the sipper on the inside. Once this is done, you can fill the bean bag with your preferred filling material, close the zipper, and you are done.

The benefit of using bean bag filler is that it can be replaced when required. As you may know, sofa cushions do not stay fresh and perfect for long. If this happens to your bean bag, you simply acquire some new filler and discard the old filling.

Can I Create My Own Pattern For A Bean Bag?

When you have researched bean bags online, you may have noticed that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days. If you have a specific shape in mind that is not that common, you may have trouble finding a suitable pattern.

You can always draft your own pattern for a bean bag. There are many examples online that can give you some inspiration. However, we only recommend drawing your own pattern if you have some experience with sewing. Pattern drawing requires some skill and know-how, so it can be easy for beginners to make mistakes. If you do feel comfortable enough making a pattern of your own, then you can come up with some unusual and unique bean bag designs.

Once you have made your bean bag, do not forget to look for some added protection! At Spotlight, you can acquire beautiful bean bag covers in all shapes, sizes, and designs!



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