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Spotlight - Providing You The Best In Postage

Whether you need some padded envelopes or envelope folders, Spotlight always provides you the best in postage items. If you are not that familiar with different types of envelopes or other postage items, be sure to read through our quick guide below.

What Are The Benefits Of Padded Envelopes?

Even though you can choose a standard envelope for your mail, there are many reasons why you should look at the padded options in the Spotlight catalogue too. Here are some of the main benefits why you should have some padded envelopes in your collection.

Light: Padded envelops do not weigh a lot and can be a perfect way to ship certain items. For example, if you need to send some items but want to save some money on shipping, then you can choose a padded envelope instead.

You can find padded envelopes in all sizes these days, so you can ship items in variable sizes across the world. You can even get decorated padded envelopes, which prove useful for birthdays and parties.

Affordable: Using padded envelopes over cardboard boxes or other shipping methods can be more affordable. Compared to shipping boxes, padded envelopes are a lot cheaper. So, if you regularly send items in the mail, padded envelopes can save you money in the long run.

Speed: Taping a cardboard box can take a huge amount of time, but a padded envelope takes little time. So, if you do not want to spend hours packing parcels, the padded envelope will be your new best friend.

When Should I Use Other Postage Items?

While padded envelopes are great, there can be some reasons why you choose other types of postage items, including shipping boxes.

One of the most common reasons to use a box over a padded envelope is the weight of the item. Some items can be really heavy and are not supported properly by a padded envelope. If you do not want the item to destroy the envelope, be sure to use a box instead.

Spotlight also recommends using padded envelopes for single items. The padded nature of the envelope will keep a single item extremely protected, but it does not stop two items from hitting one another when they are in the same envelope. So, you might need a shipping box and some filler to pack and ship more than one item.

Of course, boxes have some downsides too. Unlike padded envelopes, boxes do not come with their own padding, which means you have to get your own padding and add it inside the box to keep the items protected. In addition to that, shipping boxes are also bulkier compared to padded envelopes.

In addition to their bulkiness and the fact you need to obtain padding, shipping boxes tend to be more expensive than padded envelopes. Fortunately, you can get some good deals at Spotlight, where you can save big on your shipping boxes and other postage items. So, be sure to check out the other sections too.

Check Out The Postage Items At Spotlight

When you want to take advantage of some sharp prices and the best postage items around, you will find what you are looking for at Spotlight. From crafter's choice padded envelopes to envelope punches and folders, there is much to discover in the catalogue.

In addition to our postage range, do not forget to look at Spotlight's stationery range. Like our range of postage items, you can find amazing stationery supplies at the best prices at Spotlight. From various types of paper, pencils, and pens to pencil cases, you cannot afford to miss out on Spotlight's amazing deals!



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