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Bulk Crafting Supplies To Add To Your Hobby Room

When you craft on a regular basis, and tackle countless different projects, you may wonder which crafting supplies you should obtain in bulk. Since there are lots of options at Spotlight too, you can use this convenient guide to determine which crafting supplies you should obtain in bulk.

What Are The Most Versatile Crafting Supplies To Buy In Bulk?

Some crafting supplies can be used in more than one craft, so these crafting supplies are remarkably interesting to buy in bulk. Here are some of the suggestions from the Spotlight team, which will be a wonderful addition to your hobby room.

Beads: From jewellery making to art projects and beading, there are a countless number of applications for beads. You can even add them to homemade garments and accessories, so buying them in bulk will give you a limitless supply for those last-minute creative projects you need to make just a little bit more special.

Buttons: Buttons are not solely used for garments anymore, as you can find them on accessories, shoes and even cards these days. Buying buttons in bulk, preferably in different sizes and colours, provides an endless number of options for papercraft, dressmaking, and so much more.

Glue: Adhesives and glues are just as versatile as other crafting supplies, and you will use it very often. Buying a single bottle of glue does not get you far but having a bulk supply of different glues ensures you are always prepared.

Craft paper: There is no limit to the applications of good old-fashioned crafting paper. It can be used in children's crafts, but there are plenty of adult crafts where paper can be used too. From cardmaking to scrapbooking and origami, there is always room for paper.

Now, you do not have to limit yourself to a single type of paper. You can purchase some basic printing paper in bulk, but also drawing paper, construction paper and more. If you use different types of paper regularly, you will not be disappointed with the sharp prices on paper currently available at Spotlight.

What Crafting Supplies Are Much Cheaper When Bought In Bulk?

While you can get a great deal on all crafting supplies in bulk, some might give you bigger savings than others. So, if you are looking for the best deals around, here are some of the recommended options.

Paint: Many artists will tell you that paint is one of their biggest expenditures. Fortunately, paints can be bought in bulk at Spotlight, which means you can save a huge amount of money over time. While the original bulk buy might be more of an investment, it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Ribbons: While this item also belongs in our most versatile crafting supplies range, buying ribbons in bulk also saves a huge amount of money. Ribbon can come in various materials, colours, thicknesses, widths, and designs, so buying a multipack can certainly prove beneficial.

Find The Right Bulk Crafting Supplies At Spotlight

No matter what kind of craft you are into, you can find crafting supplies to match your specific craft at Spotlight easily. From canvas and paints to bulk packs of cardstock and printing paper, Spotlight provides it all in the bulk crafting supplies catalogue.

All bulk crafting supplies are available at the best prices at Spotlight, ensuring you get the best deal with every purchase. Of course, great deals are not only found in the bulk range, as you can purchase crafting supplies individually too. Why not check out the range today and find bulk crafting supplies to supplement your hobby room? We are sure you will find the best deals in minimal time!



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