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How To Hang Wall Art In Your Home?

So, you have found some nice art pieces and wall decorations to hang in your home. But where do you put them? And at what height? To answer your questions and enable you to find the best possible spots for your new Spotlight artwork, we have created a quick guide for your below.

Are There Any Restrictions To The Amount Of Art Pieces I Can Hang On One Wall?

It needs to be said that there is no real limit to the amount of art pieces you can hang on the wall. While there are some things you can do to make it look absolutely fabulous, the guidelines below are just general tips and hints to help you get started and find the best possible layout for your home.

When you choose the size of your art pieces, its is overall good practice to not choose art that is wider than nearby furniture. For example, if you intend on hanging some artwork above a sofa, then make sure the artwork is not wider than the sofa. Ideally, you want it at the same width or just a little smaller.

What Are Some Focal Points For Wall Art Inside A Home?

If you have some focal points inside your home, it could make it a lot easier to decide where to hang your wall art. A prime example is a nice fireplace or a mantle. Since there tends to be some naked space above this centrepiece of your room, a nice piece of wall art or a wall decoration can truly put it together.

When you decide to hang some art near a focal point of a room, always make sure that artwork somewhat fits what that focal point. While it does not have to be the exact same colour and style, always check if both pieces complement one another.

How Do I Hang Wall Art In A Smaller Room?

Smaller rooms usually benefit from wall art pieces in an even number, more specifically two or four. When you ensure they have a glass frame, this will contribute to making the room look larger, this due to the reflection of light. In some cases, you could even choose some decorative mirrors to make the room look bigger.

How High Should I Hang Wall Art?

As a general rule, artwork should hang at about eye level. Of course, you could argue that eye height can be different depending on someone's height. So, you do have some leeway as to how high art pieces hang inside your home.

What Are Popular Grouping Techniques?

You can group several pieces of art together to make them look even better. You can use so-called puzzle art pieces, which basically form a bigger piece of artwork when they are put together. You could also group similar pieces on the same wall. If you like this idea, here are some popular ways of doing it.

Symmetrical placement: When you like symmetry and organisation, you will love this particular grouping method. For this method, you need four to six similar art pieces. They should be the same size and shape. While they can have different illustrations, we do recommend similar colours or subjects to make it all fit together.

Asymmetrical placement: Those who love to be creative and love a little bit of creative chaos might like the asymmetrical placement of wall art. As the name suggests, you will hang the pieces slightly off-centre from one another. Putting your art pieces in this manner provides benefits as well, as is brings a lot more energy in the room.

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