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How Do I Choose The Right Craft Glue?

Since there are so many different glues out there, how do you decide which glue you should pick for a craft? Today, we take a look at the common types of craft glue and their applications to make your choice a little easier.

When Should I Use PVA Glue?

One of the benefits of PVA glue is that this type of glue can be used with almost all materials. There are also various subcategories of PVA glue, each with their own specific strength.

If you decide to go with the safe choice in the form of PVA glue, always check the subcategory of the glue. For example, you can encounter school PVA glue, which is often used by children in school projects. You can also encounter tacky PVA glue, which has the fastest dry rate. It all comes down to your preference.

When Should I Use A Glue Gun?

Glue guns have many applications, but most of them will be heavy-duty projects. Since glue guns provide some of the strongest glue blends, they mostly find applications in home decorations. That being said, they can be used for model making too.

When Should I Use A Glue Stick?

The glue stick is probably the best-known type of glue in this overview. You might have even used one in your childhood years for school projects.

Glue sticks have many applications in papercrafts. It can be applied in relatively small amounts, which ensures the paper stays wrinkle-free. The glue itself can also be manipulated to some extent, which means it can be very useful for scrapbooking projects.

When Should I Use Super Glue?

Super glue is known for its strength and permanent bonding abilities, which means this glue should only be used for something that will not be taken apart anytime soon. It is commonly used for household repairs, ceramic crafting projects, and model making.

When Should I Use Glue Dots?

Glue dots are popular for children's arts and crafts due to their mess-free nature. They are also relatively easy to handle and have become quite the staple in papercraft. In fact, glue dots remain one of the most popular adhesives for scrapbooking and card making.

When Should I Use Double-Sided Tape?

Even though double-sided tape should be mentioned among the different kinds of tape, it still has applications in this overview with various types of glue. Much like glue, double-sided tape can be used for many applications in crafting.

Double-sided tape is often used in card making projects, this since the tape provides more freedom to execute certain techniques. It also can be coated in glitter for a more dramatic effect.

Another advantage of double-sided tape is that it leaves little to no mess, similar to the glue dots we mentioned earlier. Double-sided tape is also suitable for a variety of surfaces, ranging from paper to foam.

When Should I Use Mod Podge?

Mod podge is used as a glue but also as a finish for crafting projects, so most crafters will have some mod podge hidden in their crafting ream. The product is labelled as an all-in-one sealer that can be used on a variety of surfaces. Therefore, you will find applications for mod podge in papier mache and even art preparation.

When Should I Use Spray Adhesive?

Spray adhesives can be used on various materials, this includes but is not limited to paper, foam board, fabric, and felt. Because of its ability to bond with various materials, there are countless crating applications for it. However, most crafters will only use spray adhesive if they need to cover a large area with glue.

When working with spray adhesive, only use it in a well-ventilated room. Since spray adhesive can come into contact with air and has strong fumes, it is important to ensure the proper protection, this may include a face mask. Also, when you have finished the application, make sure you leave the adhesive to evaporate fully before you attempt the bonding process.

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