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Put your feet up and relax with the stylish and contemporary selection of footstools and ottomans available at Spotlight. They are a great way to add some extra seating to your space, and you can even shop ottomans that provide you with extra storage. There are footstools and ottomans in just about every colour and material available, plus they are amazingly affordable with our guaranteed low prices across the collection.

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Better Storage Solutions For Your Home! Discover Our Compact Ottomans And Pro Storage Tips

Storage is one of the most important aspects of running an efficient home. Fortunately, most manufacturers of home decor and home furniture take this into account. Therefore, you can count on many brilliant products at Spotlight. Of course, Spotlight does not stop there, as we are here to provide you with our top storage tips as well.

How Do I Keep My Kitchen Organised?

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that is difficult to keep organised, mainly because it is used that often. Fortunately, there are some organisation tips that can keep the clutter at bay and maximise your kitchen's potential.

Countertop organisation - One of the first things to look at is your kitchen's countertops. If there is too much stuff on your countertop, you will have less room for food preparation and other vital tasks.

There are a couple of ways to keep your countertop organised. Items such as a dish rack, cannisters, a fruit basket, utensil organisers, and spice rack can keep your countertops free of clutter.

Do a regular pantry check - Aside from your countertops, you need to make sure your pantry is organised too. Check if there are any expired food stuffs in your pantry item and remove everything from the shelves so you can give the shelves a good clean. Once you have cleaned everything, place everything back in a logical order.

What Is The Best Way To Organise My Living Room?

Aside from the kitchen, the living room is also quite susceptible to clutter and mess. If you wish to maximise the space you have in your living room, these are our favourite tips for you to implement.

Organised clutter - Sometimes, there is some clutter that you think you might need in the future. While it is essential that you remove as much clutter as possible, if there is some stuff you believe you might still need, then buy some baskets or storage boxes to store it away. Be sure to label the storage boxes so you can find everything easier.

Purchase a round ottoman - There are many additional storage solutions you could consider for the living room, but one of the most effective is the round ottoman. A round ottoman does not reduce the amount of space you have and gives you some extra storage to store some items.

Customised storage - When you have a living room with an unusual shape - or an extremely small living room - it may be a good idea to look at customised storage solutions. Customised storage solutions are made for your specific living room, this with the aim to maximise your available storage space.

How To Organise The Bedroom?

Another room in your home that may be in desperate need of organisation is the bedroom. Whether you are looking to organise your own bedroom or your children's bedrooms, here are useful tips that can be used in all these bedrooms.

Put your clothes away - It is easy to leave a sweater or a shirt laying around in the bedroom. Unfortunately, this can make the bedroom appear cluttered and disorganised. So, always make sure you put your clothes away in your wardrobe.

Separate toys from the children's bedroom - When your child's bedroom is also the room where they play with their toys, you could have a serious problem. Toys inside a child's bedroom can make sleep more difficult, but it also poses some problems for bedroom storage.

Some parents purchase modular storage units for their children's bedrooms, which make it easier to store toys away. However, if your child does tend to get toys out instead of sleeping, it may be a good idea to put this modular storage unit in the living room or the child's playroom (if available).

Better Organisation With Spotlight

When you find yourself on this page, you are probably looking at some good footstools and ottomans. However, we must mention that we have other categories with valuable storage solutions. So, if you need more than an ottoman for better storage, be sure to have a look at the remainder of our catalogue for all storage options.



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