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How To Create A Valentine's Day Heart From Artificial Flowers?

Our artificial flowers can be used for various crafting projects. One of our favourite projects is a stunning Valentine's Day heart made from artificial flowers. The heart can be used as a wall decoration or party decoration, or simply to make your home environment a little more romantic on Valentine's Day. If you wish to learn how you can make this special heart, be sure to read our guide below.

What Supplies Do I Need To Create A Valentine's Day Heart From Artificial Flowers?

The Valentine's Day heart is relatively affordable to make. All supplies you need are also available at Spotlight, so you can get these supplies for the most affordable price online. Supplies required for a Valentine's Day heart include some artificial flowers (preferably flowers in shades of pink), a glue gun, Styrofoam, crafting knife, fishing line, command strip or hooks, some wood or cardboard, glitter paper (or glitter spray paint).

What Is The First Step To Create The Valentine's Day Heart?

Grab the sheet of Styrofoam you have obtained and draw a heart on it with a marker. Remember, the size of the heart you will be drawing will be the actual size of the decoration. So, you can draw this heart as little or as big as you want. Once you have drawn the heart on the Styrofoam, use the crafting knife to cut the heart from the Styrofoam.

If you are having problems cutting the heart out in one go, you can do it in pieces. However, this means you will have to glue the pieces together before you can make the arrangement, this may require some drying time too.

What Is The Second Step To Create The Valentine's Day Heart?

Once the Styrofoam heart has been cut out, you can start adding the flowers to it. If your artificial flowers have a stem, remove the stem before applying the glue. Be careful if you remove the stem from the artificial flowers, as it can cause the flower to fall apart in some cases. Therefore, examine the stem carefully and how it connects to the flower itself before you continue.

When the flower is free from the stem, apply some glue with your glue gun on the back of the flower. Stick the flower to the heart and press gently. If the flower has been pressed too tight, be sure to fluff the petals a little before continuing.

Please note you can apply glue on the Styrofoam heart and stick the flowers on. However, most people find that applying the glue on each individual flower creates a more durable result.

Continue gluing flowers on the heart until the entire shape is covered. To ensure the Styrofoam remains hidden, glue some flowers to the side of the heart too, this will give a cleaner result.

What Is The Third Step To Create The Valentine's Day Heart?

It is important to mention that our third step is optional, so can hang the heart as it is without continuing with this next step. To hang your heart, simply put some glue on a hook and insert it into the Styrofoam. Then, leave to dry. Alternatively, you can also use a large selection of common strip if you do not want to use a hook.

For the next step, you will either need a thin sheet of wood or cardboard. If you are good at woodworking, make an arrowhead and an arrow tail from the thin sheet of wood. If you prefer, you can also cut out an arrowhead and tail from the sheet of cardboard. Once the shapes have been cut out, you can finish them with some glitter spray paint or by gluing some glitter paper on top. Of course, you can use any colour or finish to match your heart.

Can I Get These Supplies From Spotlight?

All the supplies mentioned for this Valentine's Day heart are available at Spotlight, this goes from the artificial flowers to glue, a crafting knife, and other essentials you need. Check out our catalogue today to get your supplies for the Valentine's Day heart and get the best deal from Spotlight.



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