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What is meant by the quilting term 'flat fats'?

In quilting terms flat fats are pre-cut piece of material cut to a size specifically designed for sewing quilts. Quilters sometimes referred to a flat fat as a fat quarter, which is a quarter of a yard of fabric. In metric terms they are cut from half a metre of fabric. This is a popular way to buy quilting fabrics.

Fat quarters or flat fats are taken from one yard of fabric then cut in half length-ways and cut in half again width-ways. Generally speaking the metric dimensions of flat fats are between 50 and 54 centimetres.

Do Spotlight sell flat fats?

Yes, at Spotlight we have many flat fats in a range of colours and patterns ready for you to create your quilting masterpiece. Generally made from cotton, you can mix and match your flat fats in different colours and designs to create a stunning and unique quilt.

If you are designing a themed quilt, such as for a pet's bed, check out the Mix Monotones Paw Flat Fats and the Mix Monotones Bones Flat Fats to add a fun animal theme to your beloved pet's quilt.

Our variety of plain, striped, dotty, monotoned, batiks, floral and diversely patterned flat fats are perfect for any style of quilt you'd like to create including quilts for cots or children's beds. You can express your artistic flair when designing a quilt, which also make beautiful wall hangings in your living rooms or bedrooms.

Most of our flat fats measure 50 x 52 centimetres but some are 49 x 54 centimetres.

What type of material are flat fats made from?

Flat fats are generally made from 100% cotton, which means it is best to wash your flat fats by hand before sewing, to allow for shrinkage prior to completing your quilt.

Can I buy flat fats in bundles?

Yes, at Spotlight we sell bundles of flat fats to make your quilting project even easier. See our lovely bundles such as the Little Friends 1 Flat Fats Bundle, super soft with a mix of adorable bunny prints and patterns simply perfect for a child's quilt, or the Prima Homespun Flat Fats, ideal for equipping yourself with a solid range of colours suitable for inclusion in any quilt.

With Spotlight's lowest price guaranteed, buying your flat fats in bundles is an economical way to set yourself up with your quilting essentials. Become a Spotlight VIP member and make even greater savings on your quilting supplies.

Do Spotlight sell other quilting supplies?

At Spotlight we have everything your need for your next quilting project, for the best possible price. For the beginning quilter to the most advanced, we have specialised quilting sewing machines and accessories, jelly rolls, quilting kits, quilting mats, tools, patterns as well as a huge range of fabrics and yarn, wadding (batting), and sewing basics such as pins, safety pins and dressmaker's scissors.



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