Specialty Apparel Fabrics

Specialty Apparel Fabrics

Keen dressmakers, tailors and craftspeople will know that the type of fabric you use can make a huge difference to your finished garment or project.

Get inspired by browsing our range of specialty apparel fabrics here at Spotlight, which includes fabrics for everything from bridal and evening wear to toys and teddy bears.

With felt and fur fabrics, satins and lace, velvets and velour, nets and tulles, stretch and spandex and chiffons, damask and brocade, you will be spoilt for choice. All fabrics available by the metre except a few fake fur panels which are pre-cut.

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  • Calais Diamond Velvet Fabric

    Calais Diamond Velvet Fabric

    Upholstery fabrics come in light to heavy weight in a variety of textures and finishes. Our upholstery fabrics are all Martindale tested. Martindale test is more commonly known as the rub test. This test is used to affirm the durability of the fabric and what type of upholstery it is suitable for....

    Reg: $20.00 - $39.99 per metre

  • Cindy Scroll Foil Organza

    Cindy Scroll Foil Organza

    The Cindy Scroll Foil Organza will add a creative touch to your next sewing or craft project.

    Reg: $8.00 per metre

  • Cindy Butterfly Foil Organza

    Cindy Butterfly Foil Organza

    The Cindy Butterfly Foil Organza will add a creative touch to your next sewing or craft project.

    Reg: $8.00 per metre

  • Heather Monotone Scuba

    Heather Monotone Scuba

    The Heather Monotone Scuba will add a creative touch to your next sewing or craft project.

    Reg: $14.00 per metre

  • Air Print Texture Satin Fabric

    Air Print Texture Satin Fabric

    The Air Print Texture Satin Fabric will add a creative touch to your next sewing or craft project.

    Reg: $14.00 per metre

  • Princess Sequin Fabric

    Princess Sequin Fabric

    The Princess Sequin Fabric will add a creative touch to your next sewing or craft project.

    Reg: $28.00 per metre

  • Bonded Polyester Lace

    Bonded Polyester Lace

    Bonded Polyester Lace the ideal finishing touch for your bridalwear.

    Reg: $16.00 - $20.00 per metre

  • Tribal Delustered Satin

    Tribal Delustered Satin

    The Tribal Delustered Satin is versatile and the perfect addition to your next sewing, quilting or embroidery project that requires a touch of creativity.

    Reg: $29.99

    VIP: $20.99

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Can I purchase specialty apparel fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, you will find a large range of fabrics here suitable for making evening wear and bridal wear, costumes, fancy dress, toys, craft projects and much more, nearly all available by the metre, in a range of colours and designs. From stretchy Lycra for sportswear to sequinned fabrics, from plain felt to long-haired fur, and including satins, tulles, organza and chiffon, you will be spoilt for choice when looking for specialty fabrics to create your outfit, interior or craft project. Here are some of the most popular:

Sports and performance fabrics
Including Lycra, Spandex and Fleece fabrics, you can make a variety of sportswear outfits with these fabrics from Spotlight.

Towelling terry fabrics
Ideal for many different applications including baby and child towels, changing mats and baby and child bedding.

Felts & fur fabrics
These fabrics are ideal for costumes, toys, and upholstery projects and come in a variety of colours and designs from cow print to long-haired synthetic fur.

Satins and bridal satins
Make your own evening wear, wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, dance costumes and much more with this large range of plain and patterned satin fabrics.

Tulles and netting
Add a layer of tulle or netting either under or over skirts to make them stand out when making costumes or dance wear, with these plain and printed designs.

Suede and vinyl
Often used in upholstery and other craft projects, you can find a wide variety of these materials in our range.

How do I care for my specialty apparel fabrics?

Because of the large variety of materials included in this range, there is no easy answer, as some of the materials will require hand-washing, some will need dry cleaning, and some may only be cleaned with a damp cloth. For more advice, please check product details or ask advice from our experienced sales staff.

Does Spotlight sell other fabrics too?

Yes, you will be pleased to know that we specialise in a large range of fabrics, including curtain and blind fabrics, dressmaking fabrics, upholstery fabrics, kids fabrics and craft fabrics, as well as linings, wadding, trim and other accessories required to finish off your designs. Check out the range of fabrics on offer at Spotlight to find your ideal solution and be inspired by the many different options on offer, all at great prices!