Quilt Backing Fabrics

Quilt Backing Fabrics

Back your homemade quilt with some plain or co-ordinated fabric from our wide range of quilt backing fabrics here at Spotlight.

Available in regular and extra wide widths, which means you can even back large items such as double and kind size quilts with one piece of fabric, without having to worry about unsightly seams.

Also included in this range are binding fabrics, long strips 25 mm wide which are ideal for neat edges, borders and finishing strips. All our fabrics are available by the metre. Finish your quilts off with great value wadding, also available here at Spotlight.

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Can I purchase quilt backing fabric at Spotlight?

Yes, here at Spotlight you can choose from a number of different options when choosing fabric to back your quilted items with, as we understand that not every item requires the same type of backing fabric. Our fabrics are all available by the metre, so you can get exactly as much as you require.

What types of backing fabric can I find here at Spotlight?

Our quilt backing fabrics are available in a number of colours including white and natural, in several colours, with spots, or with different designs including butterflies, florals and checks.

Obviously, if your quilted item is something where the back will be seen on a regular basis, such as for instance a throw or a bedspread, it will be great to have fabric that complements your quilting in either colour or design.

How wide is the quilt backing fabric?

Widths vary slightly between fabrics, but all our quilt backing fabrics are extra wide, so you will find sizes ranging from about 240cm to 280 cm wide, which means that the fabric is wide enough even to back very large items such as bedspreads without having to worry about including seams or joins.

What else is included in the range?

Our range of quilt backing fabrics also includes 25 mm quilting binding, ideal to create neat edges along your quilted items. It is available in a number of different colours in either a spotted or a striped design which will be a good match for a range of different fabrics. Obviously, you can also create your own binding from material bought by the metre, but binding should ideally be cut diagonally (or on the bias) to provide the correct tension and finish, so you could be wasting a lot of material that way.

Does Spotlight stock other quilting fabrics as well?

Yes, Spotlight stocks a range of different quilting fabrics in plain and patterned designs, which are available by the metre, as Flat Fats, as Jelly Rolls or as quilting panels and/or kits, giving you a wealth of opportunities to find the colours and designs that you like for your project. Fabrics for kids are also included, with many popular cartoon, film and TC characters represented, and there are special fabrics if you want to make items for Easter, Christmas, Halloween and other occasions.

Wadding, binding and hemming tape, rulers, quilting mats, and a variety of other useful tools and accessories used by quilters are also in stock here at Spotlight, as well as quilting kits for beginners that will include everything needed to make your quilted item.