Quilting Fabrics Kits

Quilting Fabrics & Kits

Quilt kits contain all the fabrics you need to make a complete project.

Often fabric comes as pre-cut pieces with step by step instructions for quick assembly.

Available as standalone kits or "Block by Block" programs.

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Can I purchase quilting fabrics and kits at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight has a great selection of quilting fabrics on offer, as well as some handy tools and kits for beginners. You can mix and match the fabrics on offer exactly how you like it and combine plain, striped and patterned fabrics for a wonderfully individual and creative appearance. Quilt blankets, wall hangings, table runners, decorations and so much more with the many different quilting fabrics from Spotlight. Do not forget that any other items you may require, such as yarn, pins & needles, interfacing, wadding, backing fabric and more, are also all available here.

What is quilting?

Quilting is the process of sewing several layers of material together to form a thicker, warmer structure. A quilt is divided into three layers: the quilted top, the wadding and the backing material. The quilted top provides the main design of the quilt - holds the wadding in and completes the project.

To stitch the quilt layers together, some people prefer to use their sewing machine, while others keep using the traditional hand-quilting method. Whichever method you prefer, by combining different fabrics you can make a totally unique piece of craftwork. Embroidery, ribbon, beads and other embellishments can be added to further decorate your quilted object.

What are Flat Fats?

Flat Fats (in some parts of the world also referred to as Fat Quarters or FQs) are pre-cut pieces of (usually cotton) material, that can be used for quilting. In this way, you can build up a larger collection of fabrics than if you had to buy fabric by the metre. As a rule, Flat Fats are approximately 50 x 52 cm, so roughly half a metre by half a metre.

What types of quilting kits are included in the range?

Here at Spotlight, you can find two different types of quilting kit:

1. Quilting toolkits: These are the kits to choose if you are starting out as a quilter and need some of the tools and equipment to be able to quilt. Including rulers, cutters and other useful tools, these kits will help you along when starting your first quilting project. If you decide that you need further tools, you will find them available at Spotlight too.

2. Complete Quilting kit: These kits include the pattern, fabric and instructions for a complete quilting project. The size and pattern of the quilted object will be shown on the front of the kit, to give you an idea of what the finished product is meant to look like. Often, items such as wadding or backing material may have to be purchased separately to finish off the quilt.

How do I care for quilted objects?

Quilted objects can often be quite large (think of blankets and wall-hangings), and can be fragile due to the many stitches involved. A gentle hand wash is recommended, and as the quilt can become very heavy when wet (the wadding can soak up a lot of water) gentle rolling up of the quilt to squeeze out excess water, followed by drying on a flat surface (possibly on some terry towelling) would be ideal. Never iron directly onto a quilted object, but keep a clean cotton cloth between the iron and the quilt.