Pre Cut Fabrics

Pre Cut Fabrics

Flat fats' or 'Fat Quarters' are pre-cut pieces of fabric that roughly equal a quarter of a metre usually (50x52cm).

Ideal for smaller projects which do not require large pieces of fabric.

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Can I purchase pre-cut fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, sometimes you will only need a small amount of fabric, and for those occasions, it is worth checking out the pre-cut fabrics at Spotlight. In this range, you will find a wide range of pre-cut products including muslin, fleece, ribbing and cotton gingham in various colours. For pre-cut quilting fabric panels and flat fats, check out the pre-cut quilting fabrics range here at Spotlight, where you will find a huge number of different coloured designs on offer.

How large is the pre-cut Cotton Gingham?

The Cotton Gingham comes in pieces that measure 100 cm x 112 cm, which makes them ideal for a number of uses, including craft projects, cutting up for pretty decorative jam pot covers and more. Available in nine fresh colours checked with white, the Gingham has a nice, fresh country-style look. The pastel colours can also be used for baby and toddler items such as bibs, toys and other small items.

What other pre-cut fabrics are on offer at Spotlight?

Our pre-cut nylon net is available in red, white and black and has many useful applications in and around the home for different types of storage, protection against insects, and more. It can also be used in a number of craft projects or cut up to make handy household items such as scrubbies.

As well as the nylon net, you can find ribbing, towelling and even fake fur fabric in pre-cut panels for a range of craft projects and clothing.

What can muslin fabric be used for?

Muslin is very thin but at the same time strong and lends itself to a number of uses in various areas around the home. Use it in the kitchen to strain soups and jellies, for putting around peppercorns, cloves and herbs when cooking so you can remove them easily from the dish afterwards, to strain wine or port, and even to store cheese. Other uses for muslin can be to protect food from insects, as it allows air through but keeps pests from landing on your meals, to use as bandaging, or to make nursery items such as shawls and wraps. Some of our muslin comes pre-printed with delicate nursery decorations.

Does Spotlight stock other types of fabric too?

Yes, this is just a very small part of our huge stock of fabrics here at Spotlight. Whether you are looking for dressmaking and tailoring fabrics, curtain and blind fabrics, upholstery fabrics, craft fabrics or specialist fabrics, we are able to supply nearly everything in a variety of colours and designs and by the metre. In addition, linings, interfacing, and many other types of fabric and fabric accessories are also available here, so please check out the whole range of fabrics at Spotlight today.