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Which Curtain Accessories Do I Need?

Curtains can be a beautiful addition to any room. You can even add to their beauty and luxurious look by obtaining the right curtain accessories. But which curtain accessories do you need for functional and beautiful curtains? Find out with this handy curtain accessories buying guide.

Do I Need A Tieback Or Holdback?

Many people wonder what the difference is between a tieback and a holdback for a curtain. Now, when you look at these two options, you will notice they are quite similar upon first glance. Yet, there is a difference that could influence your decision in a major way.

Firstly, the tieback is an accessory where you have to manually tie back the curtain. For curtains that are used often, this is the most convenient option. On the other hand, curtains that are used infrequently can be tied back to perfection with the more decorative option, the holdback.

If you are looking for a more decorative option, you could consider the holdback instead. The holdback is most suitable for curtains that are used infrequently, but also for curtains in modern and contemporary homes.

The main difference between a tieback and a holdback is that the holdback is fixed into place. If you want to move the curtain in a different position, you must remove it from the holdback. With a tieback, you simply remove the cloth or the braided cord to close you curtain. Evidently, this is a significant difference that can have a major impact on your decision.

What Are The Different Types Of Tiebacks?

Tiebacks have been popular for years, so you can find them in many different designs these days. Of course, this can contribute to delivering an amazing style for your home.

Braided: The braided tieback is a traditional choice, but it also has a functional purpose. Indeed, braided tiebacks can handle heavier curtains without much trouble. So, if you have thick and luxurious curtains, then this should be your first option.

Tassel tieback: Some braided tiebacks automatically come with a tassel, which delivers that ultimate traditional look. If you have a vintage or retro interior, then this will be the ideal choice. Unfortunately, tassel tiebacks are less suitable for modern and contemporary interiors.

Fabric: If you are looking for a more modern version of the traditional tieback, you might prefer the fabric tieback. The fabric tieback is nothing more than a fabric loop that holds the curtain back. Most curtains that are premade already come with this handy little tieback.

Do I Need Additional Accessories For Tieback And Holdbacks?

Yes. If you are considering tiebacks, you will need a special hook where you can loop your tieback. The hooks in question have a characteristic D-shape and can be obtained in all kinds of colours and designs. So, no matter the kind of interior you have, you will always find a suitable hook to match your curtains and the rest of your interior.

Before you install the hook for your tieback, it can be a good idea to experiment a little at first. Ask someone else in your household to tie the curtain while you hold the hook on a position on the wall. Once you are happy with the look and drape, you can mark the location on the wall and install the hook.

Most D-hooks need to be installed with special screws and rawlplugs. If you are not that handy though, you can also get self-adhesive hooks these days. Even though they are not are firmly installed as the D-hooks that are screwed in the wall, you would be surprised at the lengthy lifespan of the self-adhesive choices these days.

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