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Discover Sheer Curtain Fabrics & Diy Sheer Curtains At Spotlight

Spotlight has a huge selection of sheer curtain fabrics that are perfect for creating your own DIY lace curtains. Sheer curtains offer privacy and light filtering benefits to any room in your home. Making your own curtains is a great way to ensure the perfect coverage for your windows while allowing you to create a consistent look to suit modern and classic decorating themes alike. Best of all, many of the fabrics in Spotlight's range of curtain sheer fabric make it easy to cover and fit windows of any shape and size - with minimal cutting and hemming required!

Sheer Curtain Fabrics To Suit Any Window Size & Decor Style

At Spotlight, there are a few different types of sheer curtain fabrics available. Here's a quick breakdown of what you can find:

  • Continuous Sheer Curtain Fabric: Part of our selection of multi-drop sheers, continuous sheer curtain fabrics come complete with a rod pocket tape header at the top, and are finished with either a plain or decorative hem at the bottom. They come in multiple drops within the same design, meaning that you can find fabric in the perfect size to cover the height of your window - with no extra hemming required. Simply purchase the right meterage for the width of your window and you're done!
  • Cut, Hem & Hang Sheer Curtain Fabric: Similar to continuous sheers, these fabrics are available in longer drops so you can cover windows up to 270 cm in height. They come in a range of different curtain heading types including pencil pleats and eyelets.
  • Cafe Sheers & Valance Sheers: Perfect for smaller windows like those in your kitchen or laundry, cafe sheers and valances can add a charming traditional accent to your decor.

Sheer Curtain Fabrics FAQs

How many metres of sheer curtain fabrics do I need for my window?

When you're making your own curtains you must purchase enough fabric to cover your window while also factoring enough fullness or gathering. The standard rule of thumb is to purchase a meterage at least double the width of your window. Beautifully gathered curtains will not only look elegant and properly finished, but a generous amount of volume will add to the privacy benefits of your sheer curtains. You can of course opt for more gathering for an even richer look.

Consider the style of the sheer curtain fabric as well. Bulkier lace curtain fabrics are generally fine with double fullness, whereas a more delicate voile sheer fabric might require triple fullness to create the desired look. If you're covering multiple windows in your home, keep the gathering amount the same on each window so everything looks neat and consistent.

Window Width

2x Gathering

2.5x Gathering

3x Gathering

E.g. 1 metre

2 metres

2.5 metres

3 metres

E.g. 2.5 metres

5 metres

6.25 metres

7.5 metres

E.g. 4 metres

8 metres

10 metres

12 metres

How do I hem sheer curtain fabrics?

There are a few different alternatives for creating a neat finish on your DIY sheer curtains. Depending on the fabric you may not even need to create hems, particularly with multi-drop sheers. Many of these fabrics are created with a finely knitted construction that is not prone to fraying. For other sheer curtains, you can use a sewing machine and thread. Be sure to use a fine and sharp sewing machine needle for delicate fabrics like voiles. You can also use iron-on hemming tapes for a neat and clean finish.

What's the best way to hang my DIY sheer curtains?

You can hang sheer curtains from tracks, curtain rods, tension rods and stretch wire. Some curtain hardware is better suited to certain curtain headers than others. Check out our handy guides on using rods or tracks and how to hang curtains for more information!

Shop Lace Curtain Fabrics For Your Home With Spotlight

Creating your own curtains for your home is easy with Spotlight. Whether you're looking to create traditional lace curtains or modern linen look sheers, you're sure to find the perfect colour and design in our range of sheer curtain fabrics. You can also find blockout curtain fabrics, thermal curtain fabrics and curtain linings in Spotlight's selection of curtain fabrics online. Explore the range and enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your online purchases, or head to your nearest Spotlight store where our friendly team can help you find everything you need for your DIY curtain creations.



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