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At Spotlight, we have an assortment of window and door solutions to choose from, so that you can always make the most out of your windows and doors. Find cleaning products to keep your glass sparkling, cloths that have been designed for the right purpose and screens to keep those pesky mozzies and other flying bugs out. Shop our window and door solutions directly through our safe and secure website or call into your local Spotlight store today.

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Can I purchase window and door solutions at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. In summer, mosquitos and other flying insects can be a nuisance when you would like to keep your windows and doors open, but with some simple fixings, you can now have the benefit of fresh cool air circulating in the house without the addition of unwanted insects. Our mozzie screen can be used in doorways and across windows to form a barrier against mosquitos, flies, bees, wasps, moths and other insects.

How does the mosquito screen work?

With the double-sided tape provided, you can fix the screen to the edges of your door or window frame. For a more permanent solution, you can also use small tacks to fix the screen in place. The screen consists of two halves which are closed with small magnetic plates that are sewn into its edges, and which keep the screen closed. It is still possible to walk through the screen to go out to your garden, patio or balcony, and the screen will shut itself again once you are through. Use your mozzie screen all summer, and when winter comes it can be simply and quickly taken down.

Will the mosquito screen fit my doorway or window?

The mozzie screen will fit most standard doorways and can be trimmed to size for smaller openings. If your doorways are extra wide, it may be necessary to fit extra sets of mozzie screens.

Can I use a mosquito screen if I have kids or pets?

Yes, kids and pets can pass through the mosquito screen without any problems, and the screen will snap shut behind them to keep unwanted insects out of the house.



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