Cord Drawn Tracks

Discover our range of cord drawn curtain tracks and quickly open and close your curtains without having to handle the fabrics. They are smooth, reliable and cover a whole host of weight requirements, from the floaty sheer curtains to a heavier drape. They could be the perfect option for heavy curtains or tall windows, and our selection of cord drawn tracks offer optimum performance and lasting satisfaction. With sizes and measurements to fit just about any window, shop our range of cord drawn tracks today.

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Can I purchase cord drawn tracks at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stocks both heavy-duty and standard cord drawn track for your windows. Cord-drawn tracks are often used for heavy curtains and also for curtains that are made from delicate fabrics. They are also useful when you have higher than average windows, where it might be tricky to reach up high enough to close the curtains comfortably.

How do cord drawn tracks work?

Corded tracks are threaded with nylon cord at the back which connects to a system of gliders and pulleys. You open and close the curtains by using a pull-cord, without having to handle the curtain itself. For larger windows, corded tracks can have a pull-cord on both sides of the window, operating each curtain individually.

Which sizes of cord drawn track are available at Spotlight?

Our standard cord drawn track is available as an extendable track that will cover windows between 80cm and 120 cm. For larger windows, our heavy-duty cord drawn track comes in three different lengths - 122 - 213 cm width, 167 - 305 cm width, and 213 - 396 cm width, and can easily be made to fit your exact window size.

What are cord-drawn tracks made of?

Our cord drawn tracks are made of metal, with nylon cords and nylon or plastic fixtures. They can be easily maintained by wiping with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.

Does Spotlight sell other types of curtain track?

Yes, as well as cord drawn track, Spotlight also sells many other different types of curtain tracks including lightweight track, bendy track, and hand-drawn track as well as all the necessary accessories and other items to finish off your window and door treatments, including pelmet tracks, tie back holders and more. Many different designs of metal and wooden curtain rods are also included in the collection here at Spotlight, in various sizes to suit every type of window and door in your home.



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