Patio Blinds

Transform and re-energise your outdoor space with our comprehensive range of patio blinds. They are easy to install and clean and can provide you with shade and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Plus, we have patio blinds in a rainbow of colours and a whole host of different materials and sizes to choose from. Make the most out of your patio and shop patio blinds at Spotlight today.

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Can I purchase patio blinds at Spotlight?

Patio blinds can be found in the range of outdoor blinds and shades at Spotlight. Made by Australian company Caprice, they are the perfect way to extend the time that you can use your patio, or any other covered outside seating area such as a terrace or veranda, by sheltering you from sun, winds or rain. Patio blinds will ensure that you can still enjoy the view while being more comfortable in an outdoor environment.

What types of patio blinds do you stock?

Our PVC patio blinds are easy to install and can be quickly rolled up or down by hand, allowing you to adjust them as the weather dictates. Our 0.5mm patio blinds are available in clear only, and the 0.7 mm patio blinds come in clear as well as charcoal, which will filter more light and give a higher degree of privacy. They are available in various widths ranging from 90 cm to 240 cm, this to suit the space you have available, and with a drop of 240 cm, they will reach down to the floor in most cases.

What if I need a panel that is wider than 240 cm?

Caprice patio blinds can be zipped together for longer continuous runs, while the handy panel extenders and centre joining panel can take care of smaller gaps. For extra protection from the wind or rain, join your patio blinds by using a functional wall anchor, which will stop draughts or water coming in along the side of your panel.

How do I look after my patio blinds?

Our patio blinds are made from PVC, which means they can be cleaned with soapy water, mild chemicals and a soft cloth. For optimal results, do not roll your blinds up while they are still wet as this could cause mould or mildew to form. Strong winds may rip the patio blinds, so always make sure you roll them up before leaving or retiring for the night if bad weather is expected.

Does Spotlight sell other blinds as well as patio blinds?

As well as patio blinds, you can find other outdoor blinds at Spotlight, as well as a huge range of indoor blinds including roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and more. With blinds that filter the light to blinds that block out sun and light, you will be able to find blinds for all parts of your home at Spotlight.



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