Outdoor Blinds & Shades

Outdoor Blinds & Shades

Do you need any outdoor blinds or shades? Look no further with Spotlight offering a large range of outdoor blinds, shades and retractable roll-up blinds.

Our blinds and shades are also available in a number of materials, so you can easily find something that matches your style.

Great prices and the widest range!

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  • Caprice 0.5 mm Patio Blind

    Caprice 0.5 mm Patio Blind

    Improve your outdoor entertaining area with Caprice’s 0.5mm PVC Clear Patio Blinds. These blinds provide the perfect protection from the wind and rain, allowing you to entertain your family and friends all year round. The clear PVC enables you to maintain your view to the outside....

    Reg: $89.99 - $179.99

  • Caprice 0.5 mm Patio Blind End Extender

    Caprice 0.5 mm Patio Blind End Extender

    Caprice 0.5 mm Patio Blind End Extender is designed to make extending standard sized Patio Blind simple and easy. This blind extender is perfect for giving you the extra width you need to cover larger outdoor areas.

    Reg: $24.99 - $29.99

  • Caprice 0.5 mm Patio Blind Centre Joiner

    Caprice 0.5 mm Patio Blind Centre Joiner

    Your widest windows can be fitted with blinds using this Caprice 0.5 mm Patio Blind Centre Joiner, which designed to allow fabric to be fitted together for additional width.

    Reg: $14.99 - $24.99

  • 0.7 mm Patio Blind Nz

    0.7 mm Patio Blind Nz

    Enclose your outdoor entertaining areas with the 0.7 mm Patio Blind Nz. The 0.7 mm Patio Blind Nz ensures privacy and protection from the sun and is ideal for balconies, verandas and pergolas.

    Reg: $149.99 - $249.99

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Can I purchase outdoor blinds and shades at Spotlight?

While we nearly all enjoy the warmth and light of the sun, sometimes you may prefer to keep the sun off your face, or even just away from your precious fixtures and furnishings, to stop them fading. Outdoor blinds come in a variety of styles and options at Spotlight, which means you can find the outdoor blind or shade that suits you and your home best right here!

Why use outdoor blinds and shades?

Having blinds or shades fixed to the exterior of your property means that you dont have to worry about the installation interfering with your interior window dressing such as curtains or sheers. In addition, some retractable awnings are heavy, which might put a strain on your interior walls, and some are motorised, which means the sound is less intrusive when the blinds are installed on the outside of your home.

The heavier material used for these exterior blinds is also more capable of protecting you and your possessions from harmful UV rays. Lightweight interior blinds may do, and when it is not in use, you will not see an exterior blind, so it does not impede your view from inside the house.

What types of blinds or shades can I get?

For windows, choose from retractable awnings or roll up awnings in a number of styles and different sizes. All blinds come complete with fixings and instructions so you can put them up yourself once you get them home.

Another great idea is to have patio blinds. If you have an outdoor seating area, balcony or veranda, these see-through patio blinds can improve the quality of your outdoor time by keeping away flies and insects while you are eating or enjoying a drink outside. They can also extend the length of time that you can enjoy your outdoor space, by protecting you from wind and rain, while still allowing you to enjoy the lovely view from your seating area.

Handy fixing kits enable you to join two or more patio blinds for wider openings and to fix their sides to your walls, to avoid wind creeping past the edges. Easy to install and use, you will be able to open the blinds if the weather turns nice, and quickly lower the blinds if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Does Spotlight sell any other types of blinds?

As well as exterior blinds, Spotlight also stocks a huge range of interior blinds in a variety of styles and designs, including Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds (both metal and wood), Vertical Blinds, and Roller Blinds. Choose from sheer Roman or Roller Blinds that ensure privacy and filter the light or blockout blinds that can keep the light out at all times, or if you prefer, use Venetian or Vertical Blinds that are adjustable, so you can vary the level of light and control the view as desired.

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