Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Looking for an alternative to curtains for your windows? Check out the great range of roller blinds at Spotlight, for a practical and stylish window dressing that will work equally well at home as in the office.

Choose from a range of fashionable colours and a variety of sizes, allowing you to match any style of decor.

Easy to install and maintain, roller blinds can either be sheer, light-filtering privacy-providing, or have blackout properties to ensure that sunlight and heat are kept out.

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  • Caprice PVC Roller Blind

    Caprice PVC Roller Blind

    The Caprice PVC Roller Blind will become a stylish addition to your window furnishings. This roller blind can be trimmed to suit your windows and is easy to clean and install for added convinience.

    Reg: $8.00

  • Windowshade Hudson Roller Blind

    Windowshade Hudson Roller Blind

    The Windowshade Hudson Roller Blind features 3 pass blackout, which form the best barrier to prevent light entering your home and heat/cool entering or escaping, protecting against the suns rays in Summer, and helping to keep warmth inside during Winter. The Windowshade Hudson roller blind allows yo...

    Reg: $15.00 - $104.99

  • Wilson Ishtar Roller Blind

    Wilson Ishtar Roller Blind

    The Wilson Ishtar roller blind features a textured fabric inspired by the natural weaves of bygone eras. Simple and stunning, this is a modern weave suitable for all decorative styles. Whether your style is a warehouse apartment, chic inner city pad or country home, the Wilson Ishtar roller blind w...

    Was: $89.99 - $239.99

    Now: $44.99 - $119.99

  •   Caprice Platinum Day & Night Roller Blind

    Caprice Platinum Day & Night Roller Blind

    The Caprice Platinum Day / Night Roller Blinds offer customers the best for day and night window furnishings that control heat and cold, whilst also ensuring privacy when required. The Caprice Platinum roller blinds consist of a 6 pass block-out blind, which provides complete privacy and excellent i...

    Was: $109.99 - $259.99

    Now: $76.99 - $181.99

  •   Gummerson Avalon Sunout Roller Blind

    Gummerson Avalon Sunout Roller Blind

    The Gummerson Avalon Sunout Roller Blind is the latest look in blinds. A very modern texture, slub fabric has been woven and given a Sunout coating. The combination of the weave and the dying creates a subtle dimensional look. Sunout (Blockout) is a very rewarding product as it turns day into night,...

    Was: $35.00 - $85.00

    Now: $25.00 - $75.00

  •   Caprice Platinum Urban Roller Blind

    Was: $129.99 - $279.99

    Now: $90.99 - $195.99

  • Windowshade Preston Day & Night Roller Blind

    Windowshade Preston Day & Night Roller Blind

    The Preston Day & Night Roller Blind is a double bracket roller blind allowing you to have both a full blockout blind and a sunscreen blind on the one window. Blockout blinds allow you to have complete privacy in the evening and also the advantage during the hotter months the ability to cool your ho...

    Reg: $50.00 - $90.00

  • Caprice Colombus Sun Out Roller Blind

    Caprice Colombus Sun Out Roller Blind

    This Sunout blockout the sun's glare in a hot sunny days and maintain your privacy at night time. Control the heat and light as you like, very easy to install and durable. The perfect choice for any room including bathrooms and kitchens.

    Reg: $30.00 - $60.00

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Can I purchase roller blinds at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Spotlight stock a large number of interior blinds and these include roller blinds in various styles and sizes. Roller blinds tend to be made from fabric that is sometimes treated to ensure that it keeps out all light (often referred to as blockout), and at other times is quite sheer, so that you have the option of filtering the light and maintaining privacy while still letting in some sun and daylight.

Roller blinds can be ideal as window dressing, but they often also perform an extra function by protecting you from people looking in, or filtering out harmful rays that fade your furnishings and carpets. They can even help to keep out the cold when needed, and can help to darken a room if small children, shift workers or people who are ill need to sleep during the daytime.

Where can I use roller blinds?

Roller blinds can be used on their own in front of windows, but they can also be combined with curtains as an extra window dressing, especially if you like to use your curtains just as window dressing rather than closing them. They can be combined with traditional and contemporary interiors.

Because they are mostly plain and unfussy, they are ideal for areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, studies, hallways etc. They are easily opened and closed with the cord that is supplied with them, but do always follow the installation instructions carefully as blind cords can be dangerous to small children and have caused deaths and injuries.

What sizes do roller blinds come in?

Roller blinds usually come in a variety of widths starting at 60 cm wide, and going up in increments of 30 cm at a time. Different manufacturers make blinds in different lengths, which can vary from 150 cm to as much as 240 cm long, and some blinds are available in a variety of lengths while other are all the same length.

Roller blinds can be cut to size to fit inside your window opening so they provide a snug fit along the sides of the window that does not let in excessive light, or can be hung in front of the window to cover the whole opening.

What are the alternatives to roller blinds?

If you decide that roller blinds are not what you are looking for, you could check on roll-up blinds (similar in look to roller blinds but with a slightly different construction), roman blinds, Venetian blinds or vertical blinds, all available here at Spotlight. Exterior blinds such as retractable awnings are also in stock.

As well as blinds, you can also choose from sheer curtains and a large range of fabric ready-made curtains too. If you prefer to make your own curtains, buy our great curtain fabric by the metre and with our roman blind kit, you can even make matching roman blinds.

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