Need new curtains for your home?

Choose from a large range of eyelet curtains, pencil pleat curtains, sheer curtains, kids curtains and tap top curtains at Spotlight.

We also provide various fabrics for customers who want to create their own curtains from scratch!

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  • Filigree Atessa Pinch Pleat Curtains

    Filigree Atessa Pinch Pleat Curtains

    Pencil pleat curtains for sale! Seeking one for your interior makeover? Why not this remarkable Filigree Atessa Pinch Pleat Curtains from the Filligree Collection! Fantastic and exquisite design that is classy for your home.

    Reg: $60.00 - $229.00

  • KOO Landon Tab Top Curtain

    KOO Landon Tab Top Curtain

    Looking for table top curtains? How about this delightful yet simply elegant KOO Landon Tab Top Curtain! Tantalizing design well suiting your minimalist desire, take home yours today.

    Reg: $15.00 - $20.00

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  • KOO Peytonelle Eyelet Curtain

    KOO Peytonelle Eyelet Curtain

    Add in texture and style to your interior with this captivating KOO Peytonelle Eyelet Curtain! Simple yet elegant to definitely enhance your living area and giving it the "Wow" factor ambiance.

    Reg: $20.00 - $30.00

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Can I purchase curtains at Spotlight?

If you are looking for new curtains for your home, check out the great range of curtains at Spotlight! With a choice of eyelet, pinch pleat, box pleat and tab top curtains for every room in the house, plus sheer curtains and a variety of blinds, you will have plenty of choice. You can even buy fabric by the metre to make your own curtains if you prefer.

What is the difference between these styles of curtain?

The difference is mainly at the top of the curtains, both in appearance and in how the curtain is fixed to the curtain rail or a rod / pole. For differences in style and appearance, take a look at the various pictures of the curtains on our website.

Eyelet curtains: These curtains, as the name suggests, have metal-edged eyelets in the top, and you simply feed the curtain pole through them to hang them.

Pinch pleat curtains: These curtains are sewn onto a header tape (at the back of the curtain), that needs to be pulled to the required width. These curtains always need to be at least twice as wide as your window or door opening as gathering them reduces the width. They are fastened with hooks to a curtain rail or to the small eyelets on curtain rings over a rod or pole.

Box pleat curtains: These classic curtains have been gathered at regular intervals and the pleat has been sewn in, so they cannot be altered in width. In each pleat you will need to fix a large metal curtain hook, and hanging is as for pinch pleat curtains.

Tab top curtains: These curtains have strips of fabric sewn onto the top of them that simply loop over the top of your curtain rod / pole.

What types of curtain can I buy at Spotlight?

Spotlight stocks curtains that are suitable for any room in your home, from simple unlined curtains to fully luxury blockout curtains. Choose from plain or patterned curtains to suit a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, as well as fun designs for kids rooms, sheer curtains that will add an elegant touch to modern interiors, and much more.

Do you sell curtains rails and rods / poles too?

Find absolutely everything you might need to fix your curtains at Spotlight. Choose from various sizes of curtain rail, a huge variety of wooden and metal curtain poles / rods, tie-backs, tie-back holders, spare hooks and curtain rings. You can even get replacement finials for curtain rods if you fancy changing the look of your window dressing without replacing the whole curtain pole.

What if I cant find any curtains I like?

If you cant find ready-made curtains to suit your home at Spotlight, check out our large range of curtain fabrics that are available by the metre, which will enable you to make your own curtains. With nearly 200 different fabrics, you will be able to find the perfect curtains to match your interior.