Tie Backs

Curtain tie backs can really finish off the look of your window treatment. Practical as well as decorative, curtain tie backs come in many styles. At Spotlight, you can purchase a variety of traditional tassel tie backs or cloth tie backs that are fixed onto small hooks in the wall, or choose from wood or metal hold backs to keep your curtains in place. Some ready-made curtains come with matching tie backs already included, or you may want to make your own tie backs, in which case you will find the necessary fixings such as hooks and eyes at Spotlight too.

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Can I purchase tie backs at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight offers a whole range of different tie backs for your home curtains, in various colours and designs to match every type of interior, from simple rope tie backs to tie backs with tassels, beads or other decorative additions. Some ready-made curtains come with matching tie backs already provided, but if your curtains do not have tie backs, you can find tie backs here to match most colours of curtain.

Why use curtain tie backs?

Curtain tie backs can finish off the look of our window dressing, as they ensure that the curtain is tied back neatly when not in use, and present a luxurious look to complement your curtains. This is particularly effective with large or tall curtains. It is also a nice way to frame a view and draw the eye to your window area. Tie backs can also stop your curtain getting caught in the window or door when it is opened, as they stop curtains from flapping in the wind.

How do I attach my curtain tie backs?

In the range you will find some pretty brass tieback hooks, that can be fixed to the wall on either side of your window, and to which you can hook the tie backs. This allows you to find the best position for the hooks, to ensure that the curtain hangs just how you like it when the tie backs are in place. Some people prefer their curtains to hang by the side of the window, while others prefer to have the windows cover some or all of the window space, so you can vary the position of your tie back hooks to suit.

What are curtain tie backs made from?

Most curtain tie backs are made from decorative rope in a range of different colours and thicknesses. Sometimes beads are added for a luxurious effect. Some curtain tie backs are made from organza, which is a sheer fabric that offers a more modern effect than the traditional rope tie back. Yet others are made from a combination of different materials.

What else should I keep in mind when buying curtain tie backs?

Always make sure that small children are not left alone in rooms with curtain tie backs or window blinds that have long cords, as they can cause strangulation, and have been the cause of death and injury in some small children.



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