Curtain Wires

Curtain Wires

Make light work of putting up sheers or voiles on your windows with these great value curtain wires from Spotlight. Available by the metre, or in handy packs of 5 or 10 metres, complete with fixings.

Installing curtain wire is easily done by measuring the width of the window recess. Cut the wire to size (a little shorter to allow for tension when stretched).

The matching metal eyelets screw directly into the wire, after which the curtain wire is fitted into the pocket along the top of your sheers, then fixed onto a hook on either side of the window opening. Your sheers are ready to hang.

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  • Tribeca 5 Metre Stretch Wire Pack

    Tribeca 5 Metre Stretch Wire Pack

    Tribeca Stretch Wire Pack is ideal for use with net curtains and sheers. Hang up curtains in any room without having to install curtain tracks or poles....

    Reg: $9.99

  • Tribeca Stretch Wire Pack

    Tribeca Stretch Wire Pack

    Tribeca Stretch Wire Pack is ideal for use with net curtains and sheers. Hang up curtains in any room without having to install curtain tracks or poles....

    Reg: $19.99

  • Stretch Curtain Wire

    Stretch Curtain Wire

    Needing wires for your curtains? Then this is the wire you are looking for, the Stretch Curtain Wire! Ideal for use with net curtains, this durable, stretchy wire comes complete with hooks and eyes so you can get started with fitting them straight away. Shop from our extensive range of curtain acces...

    Reg: $1.79 per metre

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Can I buy curtain wire at Spotlight?

Yes you can! Spotlight stocks curtain wire in handy packs of 5 metres or 10 metres, or by the metre, which is ideal if you are only in need of a small amount of curtain wire. You can also find the hooks and eyes needed to fasten your curtain wire to the window surround in this range.

How do I use curtain wire?

Curtain wire is most often used for lightweight nets, voiles and sheer curtains. It will not take the weight of heavier curtains as this will make the wire sag. It is made of a very tightly coiled metal spring in a plastic coating, and ideally your curtain wire will be slightly shorter than the width of the window, which means that when it is pulled tight it will allow the curtain to hang straight. Small metal eyes screw into the end of the curtain wire and can be attached to matching hooks that are screwed into the wooden window surround.

Can I use curtain wire if I have PVC windows?

It is possible to drill small holes into your PVC window surrounds, but depending on the construction used, you may need to use small rawlplugs or toggles, so it may be wise to get an expert fitter or a competent DIY-er to do this for you! Curtain wire should be cut to length with a sharp pair of pliers to avoid squashing the internal wire, as this will stop you from screwing in the eyelets.

How do I fix my curtains to the curtain wire?

Most ready-made sheer curtains come with a thin pocket sewn into the curtain at the top, which is specifically designed for the curtain wire to slide into. If you are making your own curtains, you can sew this pocket n yourself, by turning over the top of the curtain and sewing two parallel lines about an inch apart through both layers of fabric.

How do I get the right measurements for my curtains?

Many voiles and nets come in different drops, so you can find one that is right for your window. If the curtain is still too long, it is usually best to make your alterations at the top, especially if the bottom is either scalloped or has a pretty design. To get a nice gather or drape, make sure you buy curtains that are 1.5 to 2 times the width of your window, this will ensure you get a nice full look.

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