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Curious About Yarn Blends? Here Is What You Need To Know!

From crotchet to knitting, there are various crafting projects where you might use yarn blends. While your eye might go to the basic options such as basic wool, cotton and acrylic yarns first, never rule out yarn blends as they come with an astronomical number of benefits. So, what should you know about yarn blends?

What Are The Benefits Of Wool Yarn Blends?

Wool blends provide benefits such as flame resistance and durability, which is an attractive feature for crochet projects such as home decorating items. In these blends, less than 50% of the blend will actually consist of wool, which means that there are other fabric fibres that are used to make up the rest of the blend. So, which of these wool blends can you encounter?

Wool and silk yarn blends: These are some of Spotlight's favourites because they provide crafters with the positive qualities of wool and the softness and smoothness of silk. Now, this could be interesting for garments, as most regular types of wool tend to irritate people's skin (with the exception of merino wool).

And, if you are a lover of silk, the wool-silk combination enables you to work with the material for a more affordable price. Evidently, silk is one of the more expensive fabric fibres out there. Thanks to the combination of wool and silk, things are kept much more affordable.

Wool and alpaca yarn blends: While the fabric fibres are quite similar as they are both made from animal furs, one comes from sheep and the other from the Alpaca. The latter is even softer than regular wool and is often compared to silk. Therefore, this combination can be a great option for those who want softness, but rather not use silk.

What Are The Benefits Of Cotton Yarn Blends?

In addition to wool blends, you can also find some cotton yarn blends. Evidently, there are some interesting choices here as well, with the following being the two most prominent.

Cotton and acrylic yarn blends: This material is the perfect blend of natural and manmade materials, bringing crafters the best of both worlds. Most manufacturers will use these fabric fibres equally, meaning 50% cotton to 50% acrylic is most common.

One of the main advantages of blending cotton with acrylic is that it reduces the weight of the yarn considerably. Cotton yarn may be the soft and breathable choice, but it is not the lightest or most durable. By mixing cotton with acrylic, the yarn becomes lightweight and more durable than if it were made with cotton alone.

Cotton and rayon yarn blends: A blend of cotton and rayon is often missed by many crafters, and this is a real shame when you consider the many benefits associated with this specific blend.

Rayon has properties similar to silk, but it does not cost as much. In addition to that, rayon is also a material that dyes remarkably well, so you will find many remarkable colours when it comes down to cotton-rayon yarn.

More Blends You Could Encounter

There are countless other blends out there, so you are not limited to materials such as cotton and wool blends. Another popular choice includes nylon blended yarn, which has elasticity and remarkable durability.

In addition to the usual fabric fibres, crafters can encounter yarn blends that are intertwined with metallic thread. These are novelty yarns, so they are often obtained for bold projects or decorative reasons. However, you can find novelty yarns with many beneficial qualities too, providing you choose the right base material such as cotton or acrylic.

Many Wool Blends Available At Spotlight

When it comes to yarn, Spotlight certainly has you covered. The Spotlight catalogue contains a huge range of wool blends, but also other blends such as cotton blends, acrylics, and much more. So, whether you are in crochet or knitting, you are bound to find what you are looking for in our catalogue.

Do not forget to check Spotlight's other crafting sections too, which includes supplies such as knitting needles, crochet hooks, and countless accessories to make your crafting process a lot easier. Head over to the crafting catalogue to find an excellent deal today!



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