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How To Select Yarn For Crochet?

Crochet never goes out of style. Whether it concerns school projects or adult crafting projects, there is always some time for some crochet.

As a beginner, it can be challenging to choose the right yarn for crochet. Fortunately, Spotlight is here to help you with a convenient guide that will tell you everything you need to know about crochet yarn selection.

How To Select Crochet Yarn By Fibre Type?

You may know already that yarn can be made from various fabric fibres. These fabric fibres can be made with materials such as wool, cotton and even manmade materials. But when should you choose certain materials?

Wool fibres - Beginners can benefit from choosing wool yarn for crochet, this because wool yarn tends to be more forgiving for practicing. If you are prone to making mistakes, wool is less likely to show damage when unravelling your stitches.

We do need to mention that wool is a natural material that can cause allergies in some people. If you are sensitive to wool, then it might be better to choose a manmade alternative or some cotton yarn.

Cotton fibres - Most cotton yarns are used by more experienced crafters, as it is a little harder to correct mistakes that have been made with cotton yarn. That being said, cotton holds its shape really well, this means that you can add longevity to the projects you create. It is also a more forgiving material in warmer temperatures.

Manmade fibres - There are various manmade materials that are used for yarn. One of the most popular today is the acrylic fibre, which is characterised by properties such as affordability and a wide range of colour choices.

Acrylic yarn can be a good choice for beginners too, as it is one of the most affordable choices available today. However, manmade fibres are more difficult to work with than wool and this is something to take into consideration as a beginner.

Should I Use Crochet Thread Or Crochet Yarn?

This is a common question. Both options have their benefits and are available in a number of fabric fibres. Thread is commonly available in cotton and acrylic, so you can benefit from the same materials you will find with yarn.

One of the main differences between yarn and thread is the thickness of the material. Yarn is a lot easier to work with because of its thickness. Of course, this does not mean that working with thread is not possible for beginners. However, you will have a tougher time learning crochet if you begin with thread.

Once you become more proficient at crochet, you can use crochet thread to make some delicate projects, this may include doilies and some traditional tablecloths. So, if you become experienced at crochet, you will find applications for both kinds of materials.

How Does Weight Influence The Suitability Of Crochet Yarn?

Yarn comes in different weights too, which is often referred to point to the thickness of the yarn. When you look at the yarn label or the online product description for a ball of yarn, you will often notice a weight number. The number can go from one to seven, with number one being the thinnest and seven the thickest.

When you just start out which crochet, it can be difficult to determine which yarn is best for you. After all, there are so many different weights to consider. If you are unsure, we urge you to try the number four yarn. It gives you the perfect combination where weight is concerned and is considered to be the easiest yarn to work with.

Affordable Yarn Selection At Spotlight

Those who are looking to purchase some yarn for their crochet projects will find what they need at Spotlight. We provide customers with a large range of yarn options, this includes various weights, textures, and even different fabric fibres. So, no matter the project you are trying to tackle, we have you covered here at Spotlight.

In addition to a nice selection of crochet yarn, you can count on us for additional crafting supplies. At Spotlight, you will find anything from sewing supplies to macrame products, so you are bound to find what you need.



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