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Your Overview Of The Best Crafting Paper

Paper has been around for a long time, so it is not surprising you can find many variants of paper used in crafting. Today, we take a closer look at the most commonly used types of crafting paper, enabling you to choose your crafting paper a little easier for your next project.

What Is The First Type Of Recommended Crafting Paper?

One of the most popular types of paper is usually already present inside your home, more specifically printing paper. It is the most common type of paper and among the most affordable too. There is also a variety of projects that can be done with this kind of paper, this goes from folded papercraft to printed masterpieces.

When working with printing paper, it is important to remember that this kind of paper has no shine and is a little thin. Therefore, it is not as suitable for papercrafts that require a durable construction. That being said, its lightness can be beneficial for projects where lightweight paper is an advantage.

What Is The Second Type Of Recommended Crafting Paper?

Anyone who loves scrapbooking has already discovered the benefits of scrapbook paper. Contrary to printing paper, scrapbook paper always comes in a fun print or pattern, enabling you to make anything from greeting cards to embellishing your scrapbook or journal.

Scrapbook paper comes in a variety of prints and designs, so there are lots out there for the creative masters. Some prints and designs can also include glitter or shiny embossing, making the paper stand out even more.

One word of warning when using scrapbook paper. Always check if the paper has a one-sided or two-sided print, which could be important for the project you are working on. Most scrapbook paper comes in a one-sided print, which means you may have to look a little bit for the two-sided versions.

What Is The Third Type Of Recommended Crafting Paper?

Card stock is another popular type of printing paper. It is known for its durability and stiffness, making it more than suitable for making greeting cards, cut-outs, and even three-dimensional papercraft applications.

Since card stock is quite inflexible, it can be more prone to tear when handling the paper. That being said, it is possible to manipulate the paper in the manner you see fit. However, it is important to find the right card stock for the project you have in mind. It is therefore recommended that you check the thickness and other related qualities of the card stock you obtain.

What Is The Fourth Type Of Recommended Crafting Paper?

When providing you with an overview of popular crafting paper, we cannot forget about Kraft paper. Kraft paper can easily be recognised by its brown look, as this kind of paper is made from leftover pulp that would otherwise be discarded during the paper-making process.

Most crafters will use Kraft paper when they are making a project that requires a minimalist look, as this kind of paper has quite a neutral look. Some crafters will also use this kind of paper for their clothing patterns, as Kraft paper does have some decent durability and is affordable to boot.

What Is The Fifth Type Of Recommended Crafting Paper?

Another type of crafting paper you may come across is so-called textured paper. As the name suggests, textured paper is crafting paper that has a surface texture, this can make your paper look like another material such as linen.

Due to its texture, textured paper is commonly used as an addition to an existing papercraft project. Its purpose is to add texture to the project, so most crafters will use this as an addition opposed to a base material.

What Is The Final Type Of Recommended Crafting Paper?

If you have a love for anything shiny, you simply need a selection of metallic paper in your crafting room. As the name suggests, metallic paper has a shiny surface, as it has been treated with a metallic finish. As such, metallic paper can come in a variety of textures as well, providing you with loads of options for papercraft projects. If you need your project to stand out, metallic paper should be your first go-to.



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