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The Different Types Of Paper You Can Use In Papercraft!

At Spotlight, you can find a large range of different paper types. With our range of paper, you can easily find the right paper for the right job. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of paper and their uses, be sure to check out our overview of paper types below.

What Is Cardstock And How Is It Used?

Cardstock is one of the most popular types of paper for cardmaking and for scrapbooking. The cardstock is considered as a paper of medium weight that has a lot of versatility. You can use it for construction, but also for solid greeting cards or to add detail to other greeting cards.

Crafters can get cardstock in various designs and colours. There is also cardstock with special coatings and finishes, this includes glitter, metallic, and even iridescent effects. So, if you are looking for a versatile yet strong kind of paper, cardstock might be the option for you.

What Is Construction Paper And How Is It Used?

You may remember construction paper from your childhood, as this kind of paper is regularly used in schools, nurseries, and a variety of children's crafting projects. Construction paper is characterised by its unique rough texture, which enables easier handling by small hands.

One of the downsides of construction paper is that the colour is not as durable, this because the colour does not really need longevity. If you are looking for an affordable type of paper that the kids can experiment with, construction paper is undoubtedly a good choice.

What Is Corrugated Cardboard And How Is It Used?

While cardboard is considered in a class of its own, corrugated cardboard is popular in papercraft and should therefore be mentioned in this overview.

Corrugated cardboard is a unique type of cardboard that is known for its outstanding durability. Evidently, because of its thickness and strength, it can be more difficult to manipulate or cut this cardboard. Therefore, you will always need a special craft knife to get the desired shape of cardboard.

The cardboard in its whole cannot only be used for crafting, the middle of corrugated cardboard is often separated from the remainder of the cardboard to use for cardmaking. It is also a popular medium for scrapbooking, as it can be used to create an extra dimension.

What Is Crepe Paper And How Is It Used?

Crepe paper looks a lot like tissue paper, as it has a similar texture. However, crepe paper does look a little different because of its design. The result is a crinkled type of paper with a bold design, which has applications in the creation of paper flowers and cards. It also has some applications as embellishment in scrapbooking.

What Is Kraft Paper And How Is It Used?

Kraft paper is the typical brown paper that used to be used as a protective book cover for school books. Nowadays, it has other applications as well, as it is often used to wrap parcels. In crafting, this kind of paper also proves beneficial for both cardmaking and scrapbooking.

While you may recognise Kraft paper by its unique brown colour, it is important to mention that this paper can be bleached into lighter shades. So, you can also benefit from craft paper in paler brown and white colours.

What Is Mulberry Paper And How Is It Used?

Mulberry paper is quite unique compared to other types of paper, this because this kind of paper is made from special fibres from the Mulberry, a plant native to China. The paper itself is also handmade, this provides the paper with unique lightweight and durable abilities.

There are many unique characteristics associated with Mulberry paper. One of its most prominent is its texture and handmade look. Because of the unique look and the premium texture of the paper, you will find applications for Mulberry paper in scrapbooking, cardmaking, and countless other crafts that require something unique.

What Is Origami Paper And How Is It Used?

As the name suggests, Origami paper is used for the Origami craft, this means that the paper folds remarkably well. This kind of paper also comes in a variety of designs and is relatively thin, which certainly contributes to the different kinds of folds you can achieve.



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